Duggar Fans Are Excited By New Clue That ‘Counting On’ Might Have Been Renewed

Although the clue is pretty sparse, some are hoping this means the family is coming back to the small screen

Although the clue is pretty sparse, some are hoping this means the family is coming back to the small screen

The Duggar family recently hinted in a statement that they are possibly being ghosted by TLC, who has remained coy about whether or not their show, Counting On, will return for a seventh season. They stated that while they are in contact with the network, they currently have no news to share.

However, fans noticed something that may have a clue to the show’s renewal. John Rotan, the director of photography on Counting On, stated on his social media that he had Thanksgiving dinner with the Duggar family. Because of this, many fans believe that this means the show is back on the air and that they were filming their Thanksgiving feast.

Some think that Rotan was not only at the Duggar compound, but also capturing footage for the series. This has spiked the hopes of the Duggar fans who are crossing their fingers that it means the show isn’t losing steam after season six.

Unfortunately for fans, it doesn’t really confirm anything. A few weeks ago, Diana Vuolo, Jeremy Vuolo’s mother and Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s mother-in-law, stated that TLC cameras would film an event in which Jinger and Jeremy would participate in. After just a couple of days, she deleted the post on social media entirely, which had some wondering if TLC cameras withdrew.

It is theorized that the show might be off the air for good after Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband, Derick Dillard, spent time on his social media account bashing Jazz Jennings, fellow TLC star. He stated that he felt it was wrong that the network allows a transgender teen to tell her story because transgender is a myth and that gender is ordained by God.

Many Duggar fans stuck with Derick through his controversial statements, despite TLC saying they had cut ties with him over them. They remain firm that it is unfair that TLC would censor Derick’s “true word of God” while allowing “liberals” to “say whatever they wish.”

Jazz Jennings, however, has not let Derick’s continued abuse stop her. Instead, I Am Jazz is set to return for a new season. She stated that she is used to being bullied online and in real life and won’t let Derick’s statements get to her.