‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska & Adam Lind Heading To Court Over Aubree

Chelsea files court documents after Adam Lind is arrested two times in the span of a month.

Chelsea files court documents after Adam Lind is arrested two times in the span of a month.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is set to meet her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind in court in early 2018 as they are set to hash out their issues over changing Aubree’s last name. The reality TV star has been talking about the possibility of changing her daughter’s last name for years, but now that she’s married to Cole DeBoer and has another child, she’s ready to make it happen.

According to a Dec. 8 report by Radar Online, Chelsea Houska officially filed a motion to change her daughter Aubree’s last name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer. The Teen Mom 2 star and her ex-boyfriend are set to appear in court to discuss the issue on Jan. 8. Chelsea and Aubree have discussed the possible name change on camera, and Aubree has made it clear that she would love to have the same last name as the rest of her family, including mother Chelsea and baby brother, Watson.

In addition to having the same last name as the rest of the DeBoer family, if Aubree’s name change goes through, it will mark the first time that Chelsea and Aubree have ever shared a last name. Although the name change has been on her mind for years, the ruling will come after a very shaky month for Adam Lind. Lind was arrested twice in the course of a month, with arrests on Nov. 2 for domestic assault against an ex-girlfriend, and then again on Dec. 5 for violating the no-contact order in the case.

Later it was revealed that Adam Lind’s former fiance, Stasia Huber, had filed for a protection order against him and was granted her request for a five-year period. Huber claims that the Teen Mom 2 dad was abusive toward her during their three-year relationship, and even claims that Adam broke her forearm, locked her inside her house, and smashed her personal belongs while “under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and steroids.”

With all the legal battles that Adam Lind will be facing, it seems that his court case with Chelsea Houska will be the least of his worries in the coming months. Meanwhile, Teen Mom 2 fans will be waiting patiently for January to find out if Aubree will get the name change that she’s been asking for.