Luann De Lesseps Wedding Anniversary: Is ‘RHONY’ Star Going On A Date?

Luann De Lesseps announced that she was divorcing her husband of eight months this past August. The Real Housewives of New York star had married Thomas D’Agostino on New Year’s Eve last year despite rumors that he couldn’t leave his bachelor lifestyle in the past. He had been linked to several women up to the wedding, but Luann trusted him and decided to get married regardless of the rumors. But eight months later, she couldn’t take the negative stories anymore and she filed for divorce with him in tow in Sag Harbor.

While Thomas was quick to be spotted with other women, Luann has been keeping a low profile. It sounds like it may have taken her a bit longer to get over the heartbreak of the divorce. In a few weeks, Luann will have to celebrate New Year’s Eve and one can imagine she doesn’t want to spend that night alone. Last year, she got married, but she reveals that she won’t be dating someone new on that day. According to a new Bravo report, Luann De Lesseps is now revealing that she’s taking it slow when it comes to dating. She’s in no rush to find the next man in her life.

“I’m not really dating. I’m taking time for myself. I’m enjoying my children and my girlfriends … I’m getting my life back,” Luann has revealed about her personal life, adding about her New Year’s Eve plans, “On New Year’s Eve, I’m going to a wedding in Chile. I had a rough period and now I just feel liberated and I’m doing me and enjoying my friends and family and it’s good. I’m in a good place.”

As it turns out, Luann De Lesseps will not be going to Florida this New Year’s Eve. And she won’t be spending the day in New York either. While she may send Thomas a text message, congratulating him on his birthday, it’s possible that she won’t be speaking with him. In their divorce announcement, Luann De Lesseps revealed that she planned on staying cordial with him after getting divorced. But it may have been tough to do as he was spotted with another woman shortly after their split. This was the same woman he was accused of cheating with right before their wedding. It’s also someone who has expressed interest in dating Thomas.

Luann De Lesseps could be returning to The Real Housewives of New York for this upcoming season. Fans are curious to hear what went wrong in her marriage and why she decided to move on for good.