Louisiana Dad Beats Up His Daughter, Shaves Her Head As Punishment For Using Snapchat [Video]

Louisiana-based Alex J. Harrison is now locked behind bars after he allegedly beat up a young girl with a belt and shaved her hair off after she downloaded Snapchat on her cellphone.

Horrifying footage surfaced online showing 30-year-old Harrison using a belt to lash a teenage girl, who is believed to be his own daughter, according to the Daily Mail. He then went on to shave off all of her hair, with the young girl crying heavily into her hands.

It was reported that Harrison got angry at the girl for using Snapchat on her cellphone. In the video, which Harrison himself shared on Facebook and Snapchat, he can be heard scolding the child and telling her that “school is for work” and not for doing Snapchat. He added that the girl has no business to post snaps anyway. She also berated the girl, insulting her personal hygiene and claiming that she didn’t even know how to change a tampon.

The footage revealed Harrison striking the girl with a belt at least 50 times and the beating lasted for about a minute and a half. After the incident, the girl was then forced to look straight at the camera while Harrison continued to scold her.

The victim was later identified as a 9th grade student and is presumably around 14 or 15 years old. The Ferriday Police Department arrested Harrison on charges of child cruelty. However, authorities refused to comment on whether the girl was still staying at their home or if she has been transferred to child care.

The police didn’t confirm if the victim in the video is indeed the daughter of the accused. However, Harrison’s Facebook page indicates that he is a father to a young girl.

According to Metro, investigator Bo Stevens stated that after reviewing the video, he is determined the child suffered from abused. He further commented that there is a proper way to discipline children, and it was clear that Harrison went above and beyond what was right.

This, however, isn’t Harrison’s first offense. In May 2015, he was arrested for violating a protective order. In August of this year, he was also arrested for driving under suspension.