‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Did Steve Burton Just Hint A Future Jason And Sam Reunion? ‘JaSam’ Fans Think So

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

General Hospital (GH) spoilers promise shocking twists in the developing plot of the twin drama rocking Port Charles. Some fans believe that Steve Burton, who portrays Jason Morgan in the daytime drama, might just have given a hint about a major plot twist to expect. According to “JaSam” fans, Burton might have hinted a future Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly) reunion during a recent Twitter chat with fans.

During the chat with his fans on Twitter, Burton shared his thoughts on many issues related to the daytime drama, and dropped hints about what fans can expect as the Jason-Drew twin plot unfolds.

Excited fans had hundreds of questions for their favorite actor, but he could only answer a few.

One fan wanted to know what aspect of his return to the cast of General Hospital Burton cherishes most. Burton answered that the opportunity to work once again with his colleagues, and meet with fans to talk about the show, was the best part of his return to the daytime drama.

“The cast and crew and you guys,” he answered, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

During the chat session, Burton personally identified some of his fans and thanked them for their support and kind words. The gesture is impressive because it indicates that Burton actually pays attention to individual fans and supporters, and appreciates the support and encouragement he receives from them.

Another fan wanted to know whether Burton would ever do away with his signature black T-shirt and blue jeans. The fan apparently wished to see her hero in more formal clothing.

“For this go round, can Jason ditch the black tees and jeans?”

Burton answered “no thank you,” and posted a smiley. Fans understand that Burton’s black T-shirt and blue jeans make up Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan’s signature look.

The social media conversation finally moved on to questions about the plot of the story that many fans were burning to have answered.

A fan wanted to know whether Burton had ever felt concerned or worried about the direction of the twin drama storyline, and particularly whether he has ever worried that the story won’t end in a way that gives satisfying closure.

Burton expressed total confidence in the GH writers. He said he was confident that they were capable of handling the complex plot, and that he had never worried about its direction.

“Not really,” said Burton. “The writers are killing it.”

He went on to drop juicy hints for hungry fans. He indicated that the storyline will soon feature Jason, Jake (Hudson West), and Danny (T.K. Weaver). He also indicated that he would appear in dramatic scenes with Billy Miller, who portrays Jason Morgan’s twin brother, Andrew Kane (“Drew”).

Burton finally took a question about Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) future.

“Will Jason and Sam find their way back to each other?”

Of course, Burton had to be careful to avoid giving away too much. He simply replied, “Stay tuned.”

Despite the fact that he did not directly answer the question, many “JaSam” fans insisted that Burton said enough to give fans a hint of what is to come. Optimistic fans saw a glimmer of hope in the fact that Burton took the time to respond to that particular question while ignoring others.

According to some fans, “stay tuned” could be Burton’s cryptic way of dropping the hint that “JaSam” fans should keep watching in expectation of a surprising plot twist in the unfolding Drew-Sam-Jason love triangle.