Caitlyn Jenner’s Puppy Swept Away When Roof Blown Off House In Santa Ana Winds

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Caitlyn Jenner returned home from dinner on Thursday night to find part of the roof blown off her house, but that wasn’t as devastating as finding her beloved pooch was also taken in that wind. Caitlyn’s search for the dog was to no avail that evening and she spent the night at a friend’s house before coming back the next morning.

According to the Daily Mail, the part of the roof that had blown off the house had landed in a couple of areas on Jenner’s property. Part of it was in her pool and another heap was on the lawn. Jenner feared her beloved yellow Labrador named Bertha might be stuck under the wreckage of the blown-off roof, so she and her son attempted to move it to look for Bertha.

It quickly became apparent that the pieces of the roof were too heavy to move and Jenner called in a crew for help. What happened next put Jenner at ease. One of the work crew told Jenner that he had seen a yellow lab while they made their way up the driveway. A quick search turned up Bertha, who was a filthy mess from the ordeal, but safe and sound.

A new member of my family- Bertha, two months old.

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Jenner, who has 8.8 million viewers on Instagram, introduced Bertha to those followers when she first got the dog. She introduced Bertha as the “new member of her family.” Since then, Jenner has taken many pictures of the puppy and of her with the dog, posting them online for her followers to see.

I love Bertha and she loves me. And we both love our morning walks. @peta

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It was right after this incident with Bertha, who is now safe at home, that Caitlyn was spotted driving with “close pal” Sophia Hutchins. Caitlyn has been spending a lot of time with Hutchins, who is also a transgendered woman. Sophia is 21 and 46 years Jenner’s junior, reported the Daily Mail.

Sophia is currently enrolled at Pepperdine University working for her degree in finance. She is also a registered Republican, like her friend Caitlyn. The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Sophia have sparked relationship rumors when the two celebrated Jenners’ 68th birthday in Mexico back in October.

According to the Daily Mail, “the duo have been nearly inseparable since attending Jenner’s daughter Kendall’s 22nd birthday bash together, but Jenner’s camp calls the relationship “purely platonic.”