‘Pokemon GO’ Gen 3 Update: New Monsters Arriving In Groups? Larger Storage Space, New Weather System Explained

Reports suggest that Niantic is releasing the new batch of pocket monsters later today.

Reports suggest that Niantic is releasing the new batch of pocket monsters later today.

Many Pokemon GO players around the world are now thrilled for the up and coming release of Gen 3 pocket monsters. Niantic has been keeping the details about the much-awaited launch of the new batch of characters under wraps. However, new reports suggest that the Gen 3 Pokemon will arrive today.

Tech Crunch previously claimed that Niantic is releasing the Gen 3 Pokemon before the week ends. The news outlet also divulged that the California-based American software development company is adding approximately 130 new characters in the Pokemon GO game. However, a representative of the company said that the new batch of pocket monsters would be released in groups.

“I’m told they’re currently planning on having future Gen III Pokèmon released in themed groups – more Gen III Fire Pokèmon one week, Gen III grass Pokèmon another, etc.”

The game developer did not reveal when Pokemon GO players could start catching this new batch Pokemon. The publication stated that this is Niantic’s technique to keep fans engaged with the game. It also claimed that only 50 Gen 3 Pokemon would be added to the game this week.

“By splitting things up, they’re able to keep interest levels a bit more consistent over time.”

Aside from that, Archit Bhargava reportedly told the news outlet that a holiday event would be hosted this month. The tipster did not reveal much detail about it, but the in-game event could start a few days before Dec. 25. It was also claimed that the weather would have an effect on the Pokemon GO environment.

Express explained that the new weather system in Pokemon GO could significantly affect the character’s strength, spawn rates, and item drops. It claimed that Fire-type monsters are likely to show up when the weather is hot. Similarly, Water-type Pokemon would be stronger and more common during the rainy season.

Aside from that, the news outlet also shared that Niantic would increase the game’s storage space. It claimed that the company is already thinking of doing this with the imminent arrival of 130 additional characters in Pokemon GO. The publication said the maximum storage capacity would become 500 while the minimum would be 50.

It added that the upcoming update would allow Pokemon GO players to create teams of up to six members. With this new Battle Parties feature, gamers may also name groups and have faster access to Gyms. However, this feature would still have to undergo the beta phase before it would be fully launched.

Niantic has yet to comment on these reports. Therefore, gamers should take the speculation lightly until everything is proven true and correct. Stay tuned for more Pokemon GO news and updates!