Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales Affair Rumors Resurface With Claims He Has Two ‘Love Children’ With Mistresses

In the wake of the 'Today' show sex scandal, Matt Lauer's alleged affair with Natalie Morales is going viral on Twitter along with "love children" rumors.

In the wake of the 'Today' show sex scandal, Matt Lauer's alleged affair with Natalie Morales is going viral on Twitter along with "love children" rumors.

In the wake of a sex scandal that continues to reverberate, Matt Lauer is discovering that he hasn’t just been fired from NBC News. Lauer has set off a chain reaction of reports, with rumors ranging from speculation about who blew the whistle on the sex scandal to new allegations that he fathered two “love children” with two different mistresses. Twitter went viral with rumors about Matt’s alleged affairs during his marriage, resurfacing rumors that Lauer and then-colleague Natalie Morales had an affair and questioning whether she possibly was the one who reported Matt and/or is the mother of one alleged love child.

Matt Lauer Allegedly Fathered Two ‘Love Children’ With Mistresses During Double Life Marriage

A network insider quoted by Hollywood Life described Lauer’s alleged “love children” double life. As the Inquisitr reported, Matt’s wife Annette Roque reportedly “always knew” that Matt was a “ladies’ man” and a “player” even before they tied the knot. Lauer and Roque have three children. But according to Hollywood Life’s source, Matt actually is the father of five children.

“Matt Lauer [allegedly] is the father of five. The former Today host allegedly fathered two children with two unidentified women.”

A representative for Lauer stated that the allegations that Matt has two “love children” are “completely and provably false.” But the insider alleged that as more career-destroying allegations about Lauer surface, the worst is the one that Matt allegedly fears the most.

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer are facing resurfaced rumors that they had an affair and that he fathered a child with her.

Matt Lauer’s Biggest Alleged Secret Surfaces? Insider Claims Former ‘Today’ Host ‘Terrified’

The source claimed that as more reports emerge about Lauer’s alleged double life, including the sex scandal allegations, the rumored existence of “children out there with other women” is the one that makes him feel most “terrified.”

Another insider told Hollywood Life that Matt is prepared for the damage to his marriage.

“[Matt Lauer is] apparently bracing himself for his wife to file for divorce as soon as over the holidays.”

As for the impact on Lauer’s three children with Annette, the source said that Matt is “heartbroken” over the pain that he caused. Lauer reportedly is seeking to focus on his children amid the career-damaging allegations.

For Twitter, however, the rumors about Matt’s alleged affairs during his marriage offered the chance to resurface allegations involving Natalie Morales. Some users speculated that Natalie is the one who reported him, while others brought up past reports about Morales and Lauer, including that she is the mother of one of his children.

Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer Affair Rumors Resurface With Allegations About Mistresses

The allegations that Matt had two love children with two different mistresses during his marriage are being linked by Twitter to the reports of Lauer’s and Morales’ alleged affair. One Twitter user summed up the allegations that the two had an affair and that Natalie is the mother of one of Matt’s alleged “love children.”

“I remember Matt Lauer was rumored to have had an affair with Natalie Morales & it was even suggested Matt Lauer might be the father of one of her children.”

With the speculation that Morales and Lauer did have the affair, some Twitter users are voicing their views that it was Natalie who was the whistleblower on Matt.

“Weren’t there nasty rumors put out on Natalie Morales after the Beijing or Sochi Olympics having to do with Matt Lauer and an affair?” questioned one user. “I wonder if she reported his nasty a*s?! She sure disappeared mysteriously.”

Matt Lauer Rumored To Be Secret ‘Womanizer’ For Years: Natalie Morales Affair Denied

The Mercury News pointed out that rumors that Matt had affairs have swirled for years, and Natalie Morales, in particular, was linked to those rumors.

“Matt Lauer has long been the subject of tabloid rumors that he is a ‘secret’ or ‘notorious’ womanizer.”

However, Lauer denied that Natalie left the Today show because of his alleged affair with Morales. With rumors about Natalie and Matt’s affair resurfacing, Morales also has denied the rumors.

Natalie referred to the rumors that she and Matt had an affair in a statement, emphasizing that those allegations “were hurtful to me, my family – they diminished my hard work,” reported People. Morales sought to shift the focus from the rumor about an affair with Lauer to the “courage of a colleague who did come forward.”

Despite Natalie’s statement, Twitter appears focused on the rumors that Morales and Lauer had a child together.

“A source inside @NBCNews says Mighty Matt is the father of Natalie Morales’ youngest child,” wrote one Twitter user.

The “love children” rumors date back to 2012, when some Twitter users speculated that Matt was the “secret father” of Natalie’s son.

“Did Matt Lauer Father Today Co-Anchor Natalie Morales’ Son?”

In the summer of 2016, there were allegations that Natalie’s exit from Today resulted from an affair that she had with Lauer.

However, both Morales and Lauer denied the rumors. Matt told Page Six that every aspect of the story was “untrue,” calling it “frankly sad” that a source would “tell lies.”

Natalie offered a similar denial, stating that there was “no truth” to the rumors and summing it up as “completely absurd.” A Today show executive, Noah Oppenheim, told Page Six that the implications were “not only not true — it’s sexism in its ugliest form and it’s offensive.”