Jill Duggar Sneaks Her Pants Into A Bible Photo, Admits She Feels ‘Overwhelmed’

Jill Duggar recently chatted with her fans about Bible study and motherhood, but many of them were distracted by her blue jeans.

Jill Duggar recently chatted with her fans about Bible study and motherhood, but many of them were distracted by her blue jeans.

While engaging in an impromptu Q&A with her Instagram followers, Jill Duggar ignored comments about her shocking decision to start wearing pants. However, the Counting On star did get real about motherhood. She opened up how difficult it can be to find time for herself while caring for two young children, and she shared her best Bible study tip for fellow moms.

On Tuesday, Jill Duggar shared an Instagram photo that was snapped while she was journaling and reading the Bible. The words in her journal were a few lines of lyrics from “Death was Arrested,” a song by alt rock Christian band North Point InsideOut. According to the Duggar daughter, she often listens to a local Christian radio station during her daily Bible study time.

“My quiet time is one of my favorite times of the day. I love listening to praise and worship on @klrcfm and reading the Bible and journaling prayers, songs and verses that encourage me,” Jill wrote.

She also revealed that she uses pictures of her husband, Derick Dillard, as Bible bookmarks.

“I don’t always get a long chunk of time (life is busy!) but when I do, it’s extra special. I love keeping pics of my hubby in my bible as bookmarks!”


Many Duggar fans praised the Counting On star for continuing to read the same book that she’s been taught from her entire life. However, some critics disagreed with her decision to snap a photo of the carefully-arranged Bible and journal on her lap and share it with her 1.6 million Instagram followers. A fan who took offense to her post quoted Matthew 6:5, which chastises hypocrites for praying in public so “that they may be seen of men.”

“Your quiet devotional time between you and god is not something to be displayed on instagram for the world to see,” read one remark.

Other fans ignored Jill Duggar’s Bible altogether and commented on her denim-covered knees. As reported by In Touch Weekly, the Counting On star has started wearing pants in recent weeks. She made sure to include a glimpse of her new blue jeans in her photo.

“Pants anyone???? Lol not that i think its wrong just had to point that out because i have nothing better to do apparently,” wrote one of her followers.

“So….why the pants all of a sudden?” asked another fan.

Jill didn’t answer any questions about why she’s rebelling against the skirts-only dress code that female members of the Duggar family adhered to for years, but she did respond to one follower who asked her how she keeps her kids occupied while she’s reading her Bible. The stay-at-home mom admitted that her two sons, 2-year-old Israel and five-month-old Samuel, demand so much of her time that she sometimes feels “overwhelmed.” However, her belief that a higher power also desires her attention is a great motivator to do whatever it takes to squeeze in a little Bible study.

“I’ve only got 2 kids and sometimes feel overwhelmed. I’d pray for God to show you creative ways to get time with him! He wants this time with you too!” Jill wrote. “I turn on a movie sometimes and put Israel in a crib or pack n play for a little while. It’s hard.”


The Duggar daughter also revealed that she doesn’t schedule her daily devotional time because it’s simply not possible; some days she’ll find a little solitude in the morning, and other days she’ll have to wait until midday. Then there are the days when the sun sets before she can open up her Bible.

“Yeah sometimes im finally climbing into bed exhausted and get 5 or 10 min to read a psalm or two, but it’s important that I try to make time. I’m much more encouraged when I get more time with the Lord!” Jill wrote.