‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ Gets Early Digital Release

Proving once again that the digital platform is a powerful tool for the film industry, the next film to use the platform to its advantage is Wreck-It-Ralph. The Disney film, which is a fan favorite last year of the group of animated films, is Disney’s first video-game centric animated adventure.

Disney has decided to release the details of the Blu-Ray set, which is said to arrive on March, 5, 2013. However, you can enjoy this family friendly film on February 12 through a digital release set. The digital set is something you may want to look for because the Ultimate Collector’s Edition is pretty pricey at $49.99. Of course, there’s a load of bonus material, which includes alternate and deleted scenes, video game commercials, Paperman short, and a new look at five worlds created for the film.

The film follows Ralph, a good guy stuck in a villainous role in a video game he can’t stand. The lovable goon is played by equal parts lovable goon John C. Riley. In the film, Ralph sets out on an adventure to change the hierarchy of the gaming world and to change his fate and prove himself a worthy candidate for being part of a different gaming universe. To do this, he commits the act of game-jumping, which is frowned upon by the other gaming roles. Being able to prove himself to his peers is the bread and butter of the Disney film, and, like expected, it did rather well at the box office. Wreck-It-Ralph also stars Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch.

Although critics absolutely loved Wreck-It-Ralph, it did spark some controversy for some. During a scene, Vanellope Von Schweetz (Silverman) is revealed as a princess, and, after the announcement is made, the spunky character turned down the role of princess, saying that she will lead her candyland friends as president instead. NPR’s Linda Holmes wrote, “I did not think there was any need to drag (the princess issue) into (the film), despite the obvious effort to spin it in a smart way.”

Despite all of that, Wreck-It-Ralphearned $176 million domestically. Will you be buying the digital release?