White House Promises To Release Results Of Next Trump Physical After Slurred Jerusalem Speech

On Wednesday, Donald Trump gave what many found to be a concerning speech regarding the United States' official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital city -- complete with slurred words and media speculation. As Fox News reports, the Trump Jerusalem speech featured a handful of noticeably mispronounced words, including the simple word "states." While the White House's official story is that there is no story, the viral nature of the incident has prompted a promise to release the results of Trump's next physical.

According to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump's slurred words were the result of nothing more than a common episode of dry mouth. However, others who watched and heard the Trump Jerusalem speech (which has since gone viral) have pointed the finger at everything from uncooperative dentures to a possible stroke, spawning widespread speculation that the POTUS could be seriously (and dangerously) unwell.

"The president's throat was dry — nothing more than that."
At 71 years old, Donald Trump is the oldest first-term president in U.S. history. That fact, combined with recent global diplomatic failures (i.e., the potentially nuclear situation in North Korea), has led many of his critics to question his competency. Combined with Wednesday's obvious but inadequately explained slurred speech, some are now questioning his physical health and ability to do his job, reports the Washington Post.
In response to widespread public and political questions and concerns, Sarah Sanders assured the public on Thursday that POTUS Trump is scheduled to be evaluated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the traditional "presidential physical" in early 2018. According to Sanders, Trump (like those who came before him) promises to release the results of his presidential physical when they are made available by his doctor.
"He does have a physical scheduled for the first part of next year, the full physical that most presidents go through. That will take place at Walter Reed, and those records will be released by the doctor following that."
Thursday's promise via Sarah Sanders to release the results of his customary annual physical is a far cry from what the most recent Trump White House press secretary had to say about Trump and his health just last week. At that time, Sanders claimed to not know whether or not Trump would get the annual presidential physical, let alone whether or not the president would follow in the presidential footsteps of those who came before him and release the results of that physical.
Indeed, on November 30, Sanders said during a daily press briefing that despite Trump being just "a little bit older" than her, he had twice the energy during his recent Asia trip. She added that she thought that Trump's health was "pretty good."
"I do know that I spent 12 days on the road with him in Asia, and despite the fact that he's a little bit older than me, he had twice the energy that I do — and I'm the one sick now, and he's still going. So I think he's in pretty good health. But I'd be happy to share any information."
Despite being the oldest person ever to be elected president, Donald Trump has yet to publicly release any official medical records to calm the hearts and minds of his millions of critics and supporters. Indeed, the only documentation Trump has made public regarding his overall health has been a note from his longtime doctor and friend last September claiming that the then-candidate was in "excellent physical health."