WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Really Unhappy With Top Star's In-Ring Work

This week on Raw, "Woken" Matt Hardy made his long-awaited debut on WWE television during a dueling promo against Bray Wyatt. Their dynamic is strange, yet fun and their rivalry will carry both men into 2018 with plenty of momentum. Unfortunately, their in-ring work will need to improve because Vince McMahon was very unhappy with the quality of Bray's performance last week during the first match with Matt Hardy.

It's being reported that Vince McMahon was unimpressed with Wyatt's physical condition and thought his work inside the ring was sloppy and Bray looked "blown up." It's worth noting that Bray Wyatt suffered the same viral illness that took out Roman Reigns in October, but Wyatt seems to be in worse condition shape than The Boss wants. Vince McMahon could also be coming down harder on him due to his backstage heat.

Rumor has it that Bray Wyatt is still in the doghouse with WWE officials after some personal issues became public surrounding his divorce. That resulted in the company receiving some backlash, which has not done Wyatt any favors. However, the rivalry with "Woken" Matt Hardy may be an opportunity for Bray Wyatt to get back on WWE television consistently despite the fact that he's likely going to lose the rivalry to Hardy.

Bray Wyatt was Sick In October So He Missed Quite A Bit Of Ring Time
'Bray Wyatt caught the same viral illness as Roman Reigns, so he missed a lot of ring time.'

The majority of the work between Hardy and Wyatt will be done on the microphone. That's not to say their in-ring won't be really important, especially with Vince McMahon watching Wyatt's improvement over the next couple of weeks. However, their dynamic should be at its most twisted and entertaining when the two rivals are exchanging words. The best part of their rivalry will be the characters interacting with each other.

Bray Wyatt is facing quite an uphill battle with WWE officials and Vince McMahon. He's trying to get out of the doghouse, but not performing in the ring isn't going to do him any favors. Wyatt should be able to hold his own on the microphone against Hardy and putting him over should get him to his next big feud heading into WrestleMania season. In time, The Eater of Worlds could be back in the good graces of WWE officials.