‘Dragon Ball Super’ Eliminates Piccolo, But It’s Not What Fans Expect

The Namekian warrior signs off

The Namekian warrior signs off

When Dragon Ball Super returns this weekend, fans will get to see yet another intense battle between the surviving teams in Universal Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power. Universes 2 and 6 bid goodbye in last weekend’s episode after the pair went all-out war against Goku’s team. Now, it seems that Universe 7 will be the next team to suffer another loss in the battle royale. The Namekian warrior Piccolo will soon get eliminated, but fans find it annoying and bittersweet too.

Todd Blankenship shared his English translation of Dragon Ball Super Episode 120, and says that Piccolo will be eliminated, but it’s something that annoys a lot of fans. While others think that the Namekian warrior will be defeated by his strong opponents, the truth is, it’s accidental. According to the episode summary, Piccolo will fall off the arena by accident, and that might have something to do with the invisible fighters.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, Universe 7 is having a hard time fighting against an invisible opponent, who turns out to be Gamisaras from Universe 3. Goku’s team will have to turn to their exceptional strategy to defeat the fighter. Thus, Piccolo’s accidental trip off from the arena might be the result of his efforts to take down Gamisaras.

“Despite Piccolo accidentally falling from the arena. The warriors of Universe 7 have managed to defeat two tricky opponents, the invisible Gamisaras and the insectoid Damon, resulting in Universe 4’s destruction.”

The synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 also states that Android 18 is not sure how to fight the invisible opponent. Comic Book suggests that it’s not impossible that the heroine might also get eliminated with Piccolo in the upcoming episodes. If it happens, then Universe 7 will have to be strong enough to defend their home from annihilation.

Universe 4 is set to get wiped out by the Omni-King, so Universes 3, 7, and 11 remain in the battle royale. Apparently, they will have to face off with the untouchable member of the Pride Troopers, Jiren The Grey. Goku fought against him for the first time during the one-hour special of Dragon Ball Super in October, but the hero failed to take him down, despite going Ultra Instinct, which he has yet to master.

In the face of Jiren’s extraordinary strength, Universe 3 is not something to mess with when it comes to fighting. The summary of Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 also reveals that U3 gets serious and uses their “survival strategy.” U3’s remaining fighters, led by Koitsukai, are set to attack Goku’s team. What’s more interesting is that the team seems to have something big up its sleeve.

Jiren vs SSB Goku on Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 titled “A New Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!! is set to air on December 10.