Video: Melania Trump Island? FLOTUS Wants Christmas On Deserted Island With Donald, Barron — Twitter Agrees

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Melania Trump wants to run away to a deserted island for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That’s the response Melania gave at a Children’s National event, as seen in the video below of Melania from NBC News and reported by Nikki Schwab of the Daily Mail. According to the pool report, a 10-year-old boy asked Melania where she would spend her holidays if she could escape to any place in the world. Melania stated that she wanted to get away to a deserted tropical island with her family, presumably President Donald Trump and Barron Trump.

“I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, a tropical island, with my family.”

Melania was taking part in a short question-and-answer session with children in the audience. Mrs. Trump noted that her favorite Christmas carol is “Oh, Holy Night.” But it is Melania’s “deserted island, a tropical island” answer that is resonating throughout social media. Melania also told the crowd that her family’s Christmas traditions include Christmas Eve dinner and mass the same night or on Christmas Day, along with more family dinners — leaving time for Santa Claus to visit on December 25.

Even though Melania made an impromptu stop recently at Whataburger in Texas, as reported by the Inquisitr, she told the children that her favorite thing to eat for Christmas dinner was “healthy food,” advising the kids not to overindulge so they would feel better. What does Melania want for Christmas? “Peace on the world, health, love, kindness.” As seen in the video above, Melania also read Polar Express to the crowd, telling the children the book was very special.

On Twitter, however, Melania’s answer about wanting to escape to a deserted island with the Trump family has already caused plenty of jokes and memes to appear. Lots of people are writing that they agree with Melania, quipping that they would love for President Trump to disappear to a deserted island for a long period of time.

Some reactions to Melania’s desire to escape to a deserted island can be read below.