August Ames Pictures: Photos, Video Of Adult Film Star Go Viral After Her Suicide This Week

The 23-year-old's death has led her to go viral on social media.

The 23-year-old's death has led her to go viral on social media.

August Ames was known for flooding the internet with pictures and video that were often risqué, and now the suicide of the 23-year-old adult film star has led to a boom in interest about her life beyond the camera and the tragic circumstances around her death.

Ames reportedly took her life this week at her California home, with Hollywood Life reporting that she hanged herself. Though friends noted that Ames had long suffered from depression, many believe a recent controversy may have pushed her over the edge and contributed to her suicide. Last week, Ames took to Twitter to lament being scheduled to work with an actor who also acts in gay adult movies, which Ames believed was a health risk. But many people took her reply as homophobic, and friends say the comments deeply affected Ames.

Immediately after her death, Ames became one of the most-searched topics on the internet, going viral on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Many sought out pictures of August Ames, with the adult film star sharing them in abundance on her personal Twitter page.

But after Ames’ death, many people also tried to connect with the woman behind the acting fame. Some shared pictures of Ames in her daily life, outside of the bright lights and heavy makeup under which she gained her fame. While Ames used her social media pages to promote her work, she also offered fans a glimpse into her home life.

In one of her most recent pictures, posted just days before her death, August Ames lounged on the floor in sweatpants with her pet cat nearby.

The actress’s pet cats made frequent appearances on her Instagram page.

Videos of August Ames also spread across the internet, with many focusing on the controversy surrounding her death and the allegations that cyber bullying played a role in her death.

While August Ames is finding a resurgence in interest as pictures and videos spread across the internet, her family is seeking to deflect from the attention. After word of her death became public, the husband of August Ames has called for privacy, asking for people to “please leave this as a private family matter in this difficult time.”