‘Overwatch’ Winter Wonderland Event Adds Holiday Maps Alongside Skins For Hanzo, Junkrat, And Roadhog

The event also includes a new mode with where five Mei characters battle one Winston.

The event also includes a new mode with where five Mei characters battle one Winston.

On December 12, the Winter Wonderland event returns to Overwatch. The seasonal event will transform select maps into snowy playfields, while also adding new skins. A new mode is also part of the event featuring everyone’s favorite scientists: Mei and Winston. Not to mention, last year’s holiday skins and the Snowball Offensive mode will also return.

The new content for the event is detailed in the latest developer video on YouTube. A wintry version of the Black Forest map will be available with the event. The holiday variants of Hanamura and King’s Row will also be coming back. This year’s Winter Wonderland event will definitely include new skins for Overwatch‘s bow-wielding hero and its two junkers.

Hanzo’s new skin is likely based off of the outfit in the “Reflections” comic. In the comic, which can be found on the game’s website, Hanzo sports a casual jacket, which is a major departure from his existing skins. Of course, the two junker characters mentioned in the video are Junkrat and Roadhog. This will be Roadhog’s second Winter Wonderland skin and Junkrat’s first.

Finally, Mei’s Yeti Hunt is a new mode debuting with Winter Wonderland this year. This mode tasks a team of five Mei characters with taking down one Winston player. The person playing Winston can look for power-ups on the Nepal Village map to unlock Primal Rage, while the Mei players evade the gorilla. Mei players even have a new ice trap ability in the mode.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland event for 2017

Winter Wonderland starts on December 12 and will likely end three weeks later. Like all events in Overwatch, loot boxes during the event will contain at least one event item. Items from last year’s event will return for a limited time. These items will cost the normal amount of credits rather than the triple cost of new event items. For instance, Tracer’s Jingle skin from last year will now cost 1,000 credits while the new Hanzo skin will cost 3,000 credits.

Other holiday items, like emotes, sprays, player icons, and more, are potential loot during Winter Wonderland. These items will only be obtainable during the event. After it ends, these items will be retired until the event returns.

Overwatch updates often with new heroes, maps, and events. As the Inquisitr reported, the latest hero, Moira, is now available to play. After an interim break, a new event will follow Winter Wonderland. If the first year of Overwatch is any indication, the Lunar New Year event will begin in early 2018.