The ‘Finding Escobar’s Millions’ Team Changes Focus On The Season Finale


Rumor and legend has it that Pablo Escobar buried up to $50 billion in cash all around Colombia. Most of the cash was never recovered, and armed with permission from the Colombian government to conduct a thorough investigation, former CIA operations officers Doug and Ben did everything they could think of to locate the missing money. The pair scoured the country with the assistance of the original DEA agents, used the latest technology, and worked with several inside sources who claim to know where Escobar may have buried his fortune.

Leading up to the season finale, time was running out and unfortunately, Doug and Ben have come up empty-handed. On the previous episode, new information came to light that had them shifting their focus to a close associate of Escobar’s inner circle. Hidden Remote shared that the team previously struck out on a lead that sent them searching several of Pablo Escobar’s properties, but their hopes were dashed when nothing turned up. As they continued to search for answers, a former hit-man, who goes by the nickname Popeye, gave them a promising new lead. One of Escobar’s former partners, Gonzales Rodriguez Gacha, may have buried millions of dollars on property located in his home town.

Gacha was known as impulsive and dangerous, and former Chief DEA officer Joe Toft, told them that even Escobar was a little afraid of his partner. He added that in terms of viciousness, Gacha was worse than Escobar. He went on to explain how their drug operation worked, and that they were constantly collaborating together. Doug and Ben realized that they could apply everything they learned about Escobar to Gacha as well. Toft basically backed up what Popeye told them, so they decided one of their next moves should be to follow up on this lead.

During the final episode titled “The X,” Doug and Ben are directed to a location in the hills above Gacha’s home town. As they work to locate the hidden cash, the team makes a major discovery, but what exactly it is they find remains to be seen. Discovery posted to their Facebook page that fans will have an opportunity to ask Doug questions about the show before the season finale. They encourage everyone to post their questions in the comments section, and he will respond before the show. The season finale of Finding Escobar’s Millions airs on Friday, December 8, at 10 p.m. on Discovery.