WWE News: Triple H Confronts Roman Reigns & The Shield In Abu Dhabi

'The Game' arrived out in a segment in Abu Dhabi ahead of his impending match against Reigns.

'The Game' arrived out in a segment in Abu Dhabi ahead of his impending match against Reigns.

Ahead of a huge match in Abu Dhabi, Triple H and Roman Reigns had a confrontation in the ring with Hunter delivering a message to his upcoming opponent. The two WWE superstars have battled before on “the grandest stage of them all” with a championship changing hands. Now it’s looking like Triple H wants that sort of outcome when he takes on Reigns at the next WWE live event. Here’s the latest on what went down in Abu Dhabi, as well as what Reigns had to say about Triple H.

To help promote their upcoming match, WWE’s head honcho decided to deliver a personal message to his opponent Roman Reigns who was with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the ring. The WWE shared a YouTube video (below) showing exactly what happened between the superstars. It appears that “The Game” has his eyes on Reigns’ WWE Intercontinental Championship in the moment in the ring. As fights encouraged them to “fight,” Triple H eventually let go of the championship belt and decided to exit the ring as Rollins and Ambrose chuckled at the moment. However, Triple H got on the mic to say he’s not leaving the arena empty-handed after flying halfway across the world. He even mocked Reigns’ catchphrase.

WWE Triple H teams up with Rollins and Ambrose at WWE event

As seen above, Triple H partnered up with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for an overseas tour show several weeks ago. At the time, Roman Reigns was recovering from an illness which hit several other superstars on the tour including Bray Wyatt. Now that Reigns is back, Triple H will be taking him on in a high-profile match in Abu Dhabi with the Intercontinental title on the line.

As mentioned, Reigns and Triple H previously did battle at WrestleMania 32 a few years ago. At the time, Triple H was holding the WWE Championship which he’d won by eliminating Reigns from the 2016 Royal Rumble to claim the title. Reigns won the title back and celebrated with fireworks shooting off at the end of the main event match.

Ahead of their latest WWE matchup in Abu Dhabi, Roman Reigns was interviewed by The National‘s Graham Caygill and said he’s ready for all challengers, including “The Game.”

“I was fortunate enough to win the IC title a couple of weeks ago and I am looking forward to putting it on the line. It is going to be no different in Abu Dhabi. That is the type of champion I want to be. To represent the Intercontinental Championship and it is not going to be any different, regardless of who I face. Whether it is Elias, whether it is Samoa Joe, it can be Triple H. Anybody could get it.”

There have been lingering WWE rumors that if Roman Reigns drops the WWE Intercontinental Championship, it will be to Samoa Joe in the future. If Triple H is to win it at this event, it would be a major surprise, but stranger things have happened in the WWE when fans weren’t able to actively watch on television or WWE Network.