‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake Gets Dad News, Kim’s Drew Obsession Surfaces, Franco Fears Jason’s Wrath

General Hospital spoilers tease that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Drew (Billy Miller) will break the truth to Jake. The couple may have decided to stay together despite the latest revelations, but they also need to consider the kids. Meanwhile, Franco will also start to feel edgy, thanks to his secrets. Kim Nero will become a controversial figure for the rest of the week because of her involvement with Drew and other PC residents.

It’s Time to Tell Jake

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jake will learn about the adult stuff this week. Liz and Drew will tell him the truth — that Drew is not his father but Jason’s twin. Drew is still reeling from the revelation about his identity but he will admit he made a mistake. Jake will think the parents he knew were the ones who were mistaken.
Liz and Drew will share some heartbreaking scenes with Jake as the child tries to digest what his parents just told him. While the former lovers pacify Jake, Sam will have a conversation with Franco. General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that Sam will notice how jumpy Franco is. In the previous episode, Franco asked Andre to keep his secret. He might be worried about that and more. Spoilers suggest that Sam will think Franco feels like the real Jason will reveal what he did to Sam. Franco will undoubtedly feel apologetic for all the sinister things he did because of his brain tumor.

It wouldn’t be unusual if Jason lashes out at Franco repeatedly in the coming weeks. Accepting Franco as part of the family will prove to be challenging for Jason.

Kim Becomes a Person of Interest

Michael will not buy Nelle’s baby bomb but she will right away. However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nelle will have that covered. Dr. Kim Nero will confirm Nelle’s claim that she is pregnant. Michael almost thawed towards Nelle, but his resolve to stay as far away from her as possible will return when he hears about her involvement in the Man Landers leak.

Dr. Kim’s involvement might not stop at Nelle. General Hospital spoilers hint that she might try to keep tabs on Drew. During a previous meeting with Kim, Drew felt a connection. This is a huge clue on just how deep their relationship was when they were in San Diego. However, Kim definitely has something to hide since she became reluctant on sharing more details about Oscar’s father.

Secrets Explode

Spoilers tease that Jason will explode on Britt. Sonny and Jason broke into a location based on intel from Spinelli. Since the person behind the door is a woman, it might be Britt’s hideout. General Hospital spoilers show that Jason will lash out on Britt and demand for all the information she has about the mastermind of the twin study.