WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Expected To Make In-Ring Return At Upcoming WWE PPV

There have been rumors about Daniel Bryan's in-ring return, but his next match may have finally been revealed.

There have been rumors about Daniel Bryan's in-ring return, but his next match may have finally been revealed.

Over the past two years, the WWE Universe has remained hopeful alongside Daniel Bryan that he’d wrestle again someday. WWE doctors have refused to medically clear him to compete and the expectation has been that Bryan will need to wait until his contract with WWE expires to wrestle elsewhere. More recently, some rumors have come to light that WWE doctors could be reconsidering Daniel Bryan’s future inside the ring.

Daniel Bryan has been traveling all over the country trying to get recommendations from doctors outside of WWE to convince Dr. Joseph Maroon that he’s healthy enough to compete. He’s also been actively training for an in-ring return on his own. Bryan’s in-ring return is imminent whether it occurs inside a WWE ring or not, but it’s being said that WWE officials are preparing to clear him for a huge match at an upcoming PPV.

It’s being reported that Daniel Bryan could make his in-ring return at WWE Summerslam next year. Since the rumors have been going around about him being cleared, some fans have been hopeful Bryan would be able to wrestle at the Royal Rumble next month or possibly WrestleMania 34. Unfortunately, the powers that be aren’t thinking about clearing Daniel Bryan right now, but over the summer is much more realistic.

The WWE Universe Remains Hopeful For Daniel Bryans In Ring Return

Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract will expire in September. By the end of the summer, WWE officials may clear him and give him a reason to re-sign with the company. If it’s apparent that Bryan will perform for another promotion once his deal expires, it’s logical for WWE officials to offer him the chance to wrestle again on a part-time basis similar to Kurt Angle or Triple H. The final say will actually be made by Dr. Joseph Maroon.

On SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan has been building some tension with Shane McMahon, who is rumored for a possible heel turn. It would be a long build, but Bryan’s first match could be against Shane McMahon at WWE SummerSlam next year. After Kurt Angle’s return was announced out of the blue, it’s plausible for Daniel Bryan’s return to come out of nowhere as well. At the moment, it seems that this summer is the plan.