Kate Gosselin Accused Of Favoring Her Daughters Over Her Sons

Some fans accuse the 'Kate Plus 8' star of loving her girls more than her boys.

Some fans accuse the 'Kate Plus 8' star of loving her girls more than her boys.

Kate Gosselin is no stranger to controversy. The reality TV mother of eight has often come under fire from the media, viewers, fans, and critics of her show, and this week was no exception. After Kate took to social media to post a throwback Thursday photo of her daughter Alexis, some fans began to call her out for her alleged favoritism of her five daughters over her three sons.

According to a December 7 report by In Touch Weekly magazine, Kate Gosselin took to her Instagram account to share an adorable photo of her daughter Alexis from when she was younger. Gosselin seemingly wanted to share the cute picture with her followers and fans but was met with some criticism over choosing to post a snapshot of one of her daughters and not one of her sons.

As fans of Kate Plus 8 know, Kate Gosselin has eight children — Maddy, Cara, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Collin, Joel, and Aaden — and critics never seem to stop telling her exactly how she should be parenting them all.

“What about the BOYS Kate?” one Instagram follower commented on the photograph of Alexis, wanting to know if the reality TV mom also looked through old photos of her sons.

The follower then called out Kate for loving the girls more than she likes the boys.

“You’ve said it on your show, ‘Boys are just dirty,'” the viewer wrote.

After Kate Gosselin’s followers began to chime in about the photograph of Alexis and the original comment about the reality star favoring her daughters over her sons, Kate posted a throwback photo of one of her sons, Aaden. It seems that everything Gosselin does these days is met with at least some criticism, and Kate Plus 8 viewers will not let Kate live down the fact that she decided to put her son, Collin, in a special needs program away from home.

Fans seem to take issue with the fact that Collin has missed so many family events like holidays, vacations, and even a big birthday party for the sextuplets as they turned another year older. However, Kate Gosselin has claimed that as painful as it is for Collin to miss these things, she knows he is where he needs to be for his own good.

“He’s chugging along,” Kate Gosselin said of her son Collin in a recent interview. “It’s a family experience that we are dealing with the best we can with… Everyone’s got their stuff. Another bump in the road and we’re all doing the best that we can with it. I am confident he is in the best hands and receiving the best of what’s being offered for his situation.”

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