Corey Feldman Responds To Audio File Discovery, Claims He Has Evidence To Exonerate Michael Jackson

The 'Goonies' star spoke candidly to his followers on Twitter last night and promised to exonerate the King of Pop.

The 'Goonies' star spoke candidly to his followers on Twitter last night and promised to exonerate the King of Pop.

After being ignored over claims of having listed sexual predators to the authorities back in 1993, Corey Feldman was finally vindicated after audio files of his interview were discovered by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office yesterday. Several hours after it was announced that the tapes were discovered, Corey went on Twitter to express his reaction to the whole ordeal.

Corey streamed live alongside wife Courtney Anne Mitchell to over 19,000 fans who tuned in. The 48-minute video detailed the former child star’s past 24 hours as he became aware of the news of the audio files being discovered. According to Fox News, the files have been turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department for further investigation.

In his intro, Corey explained how low he had been feeling that his campaign to raise money, as well as petition signatures, became stagnant over the last week.

The 46-year-old is trying to raise money to fund a movie, as well as to hire lawyers and security. The movie will expose six major names in Hollywood who are guilty of sexual abuse, people Corey has yet to name. The actor claims this movie will change everything in Hollywood, but people have unfortunately stopped donating to his cause.

The GoFundMe page has $14,500 at the time of this writing and is titled “Corey’s TRUTH Campaign.” The page has been live for two weeks and has donations from 284 people. Corey also has a petition on, where he is seeking 100,000 signatures on in order to land it on President Donald Trump’s desk. The petition seeks to extend the statute of limitations on sexual crimes against minors indefinitely. Corey expressed sadness that this petition only had around 10,000 signatures and urged his Twitter followers to take a few minutes of their time and sign it.

The actor then explained he went to bed on Tuesday night distraught, praying for a miracle that something would get his campaigns going again. He put his faith in God and felt his prayers were answered when he woke up to his phone full of messages that the SBCSO had revealed they found his audio tapes.

According to Corey, he also has copies of these tapes and is debating releasing them on his own. He claimed he will check with his lawyers on the legality of doing so and urged followers to stay tuned on that.

One particularly interesting point in his live stream was his claim to have a way to prove Michael Jackson’s innocence regarding sexual abuse claims against him in 1993. Corey has defended the deceased singer since allegations first arose. The Stand by Me star believes the allegations against Jackson were a set-up, and he can prove it.

“This story will exonerate Michael Jackson. Yeah. Completely.”

All throughout his live stream, Corey continued to encourage viewers and followers to sign the petition and donate to the TRUTH campaign. He remained positive that the LAPD would do the right thing with the discovered audio files, but he feared it might be useless due to the statute of limitations. He was happy the files were discovered and continues to put his faith in God, who he believes will see this whole situation through.

Corey’s entire live stream can be viewed here.