WWE Rumors: Top WWE Superstar Suffering From A Career Ending Injury

A huge injury that ended Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge's careers could do the same for a current WWE Superstar.

A huge injury that ended Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge's careers could do the same for a current WWE Superstar.

The Celtic Warrior is one of the most decorated performers in WWE history. His accomplishments are vast, but some fans forget how much Sheamus has achieved during his eleven years with the company. Sheamus will be turning forty next month, and some people have wondered how much longer he will wrestle, but a new report is claiming that The Celtic Warrior’s wrestling career may come to an end sooner than expected.

It’s being reported that Sheamus has been dealing with some serious neck issues for the past six months or so which have been diagnosed as spinal stenosis. He has been rehabbing his neck for quite some time, and he even took a brief hiatus to recover in his home country of Ireland. Spinal stenosis is a serious injury that has shortened and ended the wrestling careers of WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

On paper, the injury means that Sheamus will require neck surgery at some point. His rehab could extend his wrestling career for years to come, but it’s highly likely that his neck will give him serious issues sooner or later. The Celtic Warrior may need to take significant time away from the ring, just as Nikki Bella is doing right now, but a single bad bump or botched move could result in the official end of Sheamus’ WWE career.

Sheamus is One of the Most Accomplished Performers in WWE

At this point, it’s unclear what the future holds for The Celtic Warrior’s WWE career. Eventually, his neck issues will catch up to him, but the hope is that won’t happen in the ring. Cesaro and Sheamus are the Raw Tag Team Champions, and their reign will most likely continue into 2018. The two men have gelled into one of WWE’s best tag teams, and it seems their run is going to continue through WrestleMania 34 and beyond.

Sheamus’ neck will be a hot topic going forward. It’s likely he could start wrestling a more limited schedule in the future after he and Cesaro drop the Raw Tag Team Titles down the line. Hopefully, his career doesn’t have to end with a severe injury in the ring, but the WWE Universe should keep an eye on his health.