‘Dying Light: Bad Blood’ Bringing Battle Royale To Zombie Survival, Testing Sign-Up Is Live Now


Battle Royale is the hot new multiplayer game mode following the runaway success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale. Dying Light will be the latest to jump into the massive free-for-all pool with a stand-alone release next year called Dying Light: Bad Blood and testing sign-ups are live now.

Techland announced Dying Light: Bad Blood as a response to player demands for a competitive PVP experience. The open-world zombie survival game was originally released in 2015 but has maintained relevance thanks to multiple free expansions. The developer announced just this past July that the game would receive 10 more free expansions over the course of the next year.

This new content has all been situated around the four-player co-op nature of Dying Light, however. Players have been clamoring for multiplayer options, and a Battle Royale mode could be the most natural fit given the game’s open-world setting.

The official description of Dying Light: Bad Blood on the site depicts a smaller-sized Battle Royale mode limited to six players but still with the presence of zombies. Players will need to survive by scavenging for supplies with the goal of being evacuated by the time night falls.

Evacuation requires harvesting blood samples from infected to pay for a seat on the extraction helicopter. Players will be able to form temporary alliances with others to tackle “formidable zombie bosses” but then turn around and betray one another.

It is possible for more than one player to escape on extraction helicopter, but each survivor must pay for their own seat individually. However, one easy way to earn extraction points is to kill another player and steal their blood samples.

Featured image credit: Techland

A closed global playtest for Dying Light: Bad Blood is open now for PC players. Those interested in participating can register at this page on the game’s official site. Note that a Techland account is required to register.

You do not need to own the base Dying Light game to participate in the Bad Blood playtest. If accepted, you will receive a separate Steam key to download Bad Blood.

The developers are using the Dying Light: Bad Blood playtest as an opportunity to gather feedback before officially releasing sometime in 2018.