Leah Messer’s Daughter, Addie, Gets Royal Recognition From Walmart After Hilarious Comments


Leah Messer can’t stop laughing at her youngest daughter, Adalynn. On Teen Mom 2 and on her social media profiles, Leah is constantly questioning where her daughter gets her behavior and her attitude. Viewers can’t stop smiling at her random comments, including singing while she’s in time-out for her behavior. But one of the more hilarious things that Adalynn has done on the show is to share her love for Walmart. When she was driving with her father one day, Jeremy asked her what she wanted to do now that they were finally together. All she wanted to do was go to Walmart.

It sounds like fans are taking notice. This girl clearly loves her Walmart and one fan wrote to Leah, suggesting that Walmart should be hooking Leah up with all of the free advertising that Adalynn is giving Walmart during the Teen Mom 2 episodes. Of course, Messer can only laugh at her daughter’s love for the retailer, but it sounds like an employee from Walmart decided it was indeed time to recognize Adalynn for her undying love for the department store. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing something that made her daughter’s day.

She’s definitely a mommas girl! ???? #aaa

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“True that true that! She should be in Walmart commercial. She would be beyond herself! She thinks she’s the Walmart Queen,” Leah wrote to the fan who suggested Walmart should be giving her some kind of credit, to which the official Walmart Twitter account wrote back, “Please give Her Majesty our warmest regards!”

Leah Messer wrote back to the Walmart account, revealing that her daughter had been very excited about the recognition. Since Adalynn and Leah have never filmed in a Walmart, it’s uncertain what Adalynn really loves about the store. In one scene, she talked about how she really wanted some nail polish and she wanted to go to the department store to get it. Perhaps it’s the large selection of things she can get, or maybe she just loves to explore the products in every aisle. It seems like Messer doesn’t know why Addie loves Walmart so much, but the shoutout on Twitter seemed to make her day. Surely, this is something she will tell her father about and they can celebrate together – possibly with a trip to Walmart.

Leah Messer is currently on hiatus from Teen Mom 2. It’s possible she will return for another season of the show in 2018.