Tesla Model 3 Customer Deliveries To Reportedly Start Next Week

Tesla Motors

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders are reportedly receiving emails informing them that their new electric cars will be delivered to them next week. Electrek reports that individuals who are not employees or related to employees or friends of the company have been getting these delivery notices. They are regular people who aren’t connected to the company.

This news comes after recent reports that regular customers had gotten invitations to configure their vehicles. Now, some claim that they’ve gotten word that their vehicles will be ready by Monday.

This is even better news when you consider the plague of bad publicity that the Tesla Model 3 has received in the past couple months. There were reports that the premium electric car manufacturer had slashed parts orders by 40 percent and had pushed parts deliveries back by a couple of months. Then there was the “production hell” comment that Elon Musk made after he camped on top of the roof of the Gigafactory in Nevada. It was later revealed that there had been some issues with the automated manufacturing equipment that was being used to create the Model 3’s battery. Then, Tesla bought Perbix Machine Company, a firm that specializes in advanced automated machinery. Many believed that this purchase was meant to help ramp up Model 3 manufacturing.

As Electrek notes, if the reports are true and regular Model 3 customer deliveries do start happening next week, the company is still behind schedule. Tesla first promised that these deliveries would happen back in October. But then they admitted to having production issues.

Tesla has also increased the number of vehicles that have been assigned VINs (vehicle identification numbers), which could be a good indication of the number of Tesla Model 3s that have been produced. In September, the number of sequential VINs for Tesla Model 3’s had reached 1,134 even though the company said that it only produced 260 mass-market electric sedans in the third quarter.

Although the news about the Tesla Model 3 has been looking up, analysts have downgraded Tesla stock from hold to sell at a $250 price target, Investopedia reports. Analysts at Cascend Securities have justified their decision by citing Tesla Model 3 production setbacks and the availability of alternatives from other companies.