New Details On 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Attraction At Epcot Explain Track, Pre-Shows, Queue Areas

Danny Cox

At the D23 Expo in July, Disney officially announced that a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction would be built at Epcot in Walt Disney World, and now, we know a lot more about it. It was proven in early October that the ride will be Epcot's first roller coaster, but any further information has been quite scarce. Some internal documents have been going around and reveal details on the track, pre-shows, and queue/loading areas.

While Disney has not yet officially revealed anything regarding the attraction, WDWNT has found out some information regarding different details on how things will be in the future. Of course, anything is possible to change until the company confirms things about the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, but this is all possible.

Upon entering the former Universe of Energy pavilion, guests will head into the "Welcome Gallery," which will have ramps leading to different levels of the queue. They will eventually make their way up to the elevated platform which loads them directly onto the roller coaster.

In the second waiting room, guests will enter into the "Xandar Gallery," which many fans may realize is named after the planet recently shown in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. It was also shown and discussed quite often in both Guardians movies.

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The Xandar Gallery will lead into the first pre-show, which is titled "Singularity" in the internal documents. In the second pre-show, guests will be led into one of two "transformation rooms" to keep the line moving and make them a part of the entire story.

From that point, the queue line will lead guests down a hallway and into the loading area on another level, which will have two trains at a time. Each roller coaster train is said to have five cars holding four guests at a time with two-by-two seating.

The roller coaster trains will be launched into a new building located behind the Wonders of Life pavilion. This building will stand 133 feet tall, which also details that the roller coaster track will not have any inversions, but it will have a number of "tight turns" and "long straightaways."

What it all boils down to with this new information is that the old Universe of Energy pavilion is essentially going to be a show building. The pre-shows and queue lines on the different levels will be housed inside of it before guests actually get to the ride, which is inside a brand new building.

There are a lot of changes coming to many areas of Walt Disney World in the coming years and the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction at Epcot is just one of them. Still, it's one of the biggest announcements that was made at the D23 Expo, and many Marvel fans are thrilled that the galaxy heroes are heading to Orlando. Now, it will be interesting to see just how much is true from these internal documents going around.