‘Teen Mom OG’ Posts Clip Of Ryan Edwards Post-Rehab, Fans Say He Still Acts High

Ryan EdwardsInstagram

Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout’s ex, completed a stint in rehab over the summer. The Teen Mom OG dad spent 21 days in the facility, where he says he kicked his $10,000 a week drug habit early by going to meetings while he was still detoxing.

However, fans of the show aren’t entirely convinced that he was fully recovered by the end of the 21 days, especially since he stated rather plainly on this week’s episode that he didn’t really have an aftercare plan to help him stay off drugs.

MTV showed how serious Ryan Edwards’ addiction was when he was shown driving to his wedding to Mackenzie Standifer and nodding off. She asked him if he was taking pills, and he said no, but it was pretty clear he wasn’t all there.

But now that Ryan Edwards is out of rehab, he’s supposed to be in recovery and totally clean, although a new clip MTV has posted to their Facebook page has cast doubt over this. The clip shows Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie, driving around town as they discuss purchasing a new property. While this time Mackenzie is behind the wheel, Ryan still looks like he’s about to nod off once again.

Several fans who saw the clip stated that they think he is still high in this episode and that his short stay in rehab didn’t do much to treat his disease.

The deleted scene doesn’t show Ryan in the best light, especially after he and his family spent most of Monday’s episode bashing Maci for the way she is raising Bentley. The family was apparently upset that she makes him do chores, and Ryan said he couldn’t imagine what he would have done if he had been forced to do them at Bentley’s age.

Mackenzie Standifer, his wife, recently stated that the pair is ready to have a baby whenever God gives one to them, although many criticized her for even thinking this way so soon after Ryan left rehab without an aftercare plan.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the rest of the drama plays out on Teen Mom OG.