Maci Bookout Receives Unfollows After Newest Social Media Post

Theo WargoGetty Images

Maci Bookout is known from the Teen Mom OG franchise as the redhead mother of Bentley who desperately wanted to make things work with Ryan Edwards. Many people felt that she gave Ryan Edwards way too many chances, and she should have moved on much earlier than she did. However, Maci really wanted Bentley’s parents together. Since her split from Ryan, Maci has found love again. She’s now married to Taylor McKinney, and she has two additional children. Plus, she’s worked with her husband to launch a t-shirt company called Things That Matter. Even though people love following her life on Teen Mom OG, it sounds like they really don’t like being asked to buy things.

According to a new Instagram post, it seems as if Maci Bookout wants to get back to business. Even though she recently revealed that she no longer wanted to work on Things That Matter with her husband, Taylor McKinney, she seems to have no problem marketing the new products for him. This week, Maci posted a photo of her wearing one of their new hoodies. Apparently, this didn’t sit well with some of her followers, who quickly let her know that she was being unfollowed. She didn’t say anything provocative in the post. Maci merely wrote that she would be living in their new line of thermal hoodies because of their color choices and comfort level.

It is interesting that people have absolutely no interest in hearing what Maci and Taylor’s company has to offer when it comes to new products. While some of her fans expressed great joy in the new products, most of her replies were about Ryan Edwards and the drama that was playing out on Teen Mom OG. People were furious with Ryan’s parents and their behavior towards Maci. Perhaps the resistance comes from Maci’s other posts. She rarely posts things about her kids while the other Teen Mom OG stars often mention their families, and she shares photos and posts promoting other products. It is possible that people are growing tired of her focus on selling products instead of updating them on her life?

Maci Bookout will be back on Teen Mom OG next Monday night on MTV.