Jenelle Evans Deletes Tweet That Suggests David Eason Had Serious Illness

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jenelle Evans hasn’t really been speaking out on social media about her relationship. For months, she’s been keeping a low profile, and it’s clear that she wants to protect her little family from the mean comments she often receives from fans. When they don’t get something right, she will intervene and tell the actual story, but often, she ends up regretting it because people are just looking for a reaction from her. This could be what happened this morning as Jenelle decided to defend her husband’s physical appearance and his scars by opening up about his health issues. But it sounds like it quickly backfired, as people didn’t seem to believe her.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans decided to update her profile picture, and with that action, people started asking about David Eason’s height. One person pointed out that people who are taller tend to live shorter lives, and Jenelle jumped in and pointed to a surgery that David once had, which explains the scars around his neck. It was then suggested that David might have had cancer. Jenelle quickly deleted both tweets, but the reactions to her claims remain active on social media. One person questioned her story, mocking them both by saying, “of course he does,” to her illness claims.

In one of the deleted tweets, Jenelle Evans actually mentioned the illness that David once had, and she also pointed out that it was a scary thing for them both. She has previously revealed that David’s skin condition is something that makes him insecure, and he’s often covering himself up to avoid showing his skin to the world. Maybe Jenelle was just trying to defend her husband but ended up giving her Twitter followers so much information that it was easy for them to doubt her. Plus, David being seriously ill and undergoing surgery for it seems to be a new story, which may be why people are questioning it.

Jenelle Evans married David Eason this past summer, and it sounds like they want to be together for the rest of their lives. She may return to Teen Mom 2 next year.