UK Residents Want Prince William And Kate Middleton To Be The Next King And Queen, Not Charles And Camilla

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Prince Harry is getting all the attention in the wake of his engagement to Meghan Markle, yet a lot of UK residents are pushing for Prince William and Kate Middleton to take the throne after Queen Elizabeth passes. With Prince Charles first in line, will he abdicate and give the crown to William?

Charles And Camilla Got Bashed In Most Recent Poll

According to Newsweek, a little over half of Brits said they would rather see William on the throne instead of Charles. The results were part of a poll out of YouGov, in which Charles received 13 percent and Prince Harry around 10 percent. When it comes to the next Queen of England, 63 percent of Brits said Middleton is the better option while Camilla Parker-Bowles only garnered eight percent of votes. In contrast, Markle got three percent of pollers, and she isn’t even part of the royal family yet.

The Couple’s Approval Rating Reaches An All-Time Low

Although the poll makes a pretty damning case against Charles and Camilla, it doesn’t compare to a similar poll on approval rating. In fact, the entire royal family received positive ratings except for the Duke of Cambridge and his wife. William and Harry received the best ratings at 81 percent, while Queen Elizabeth came in second with 80 percent. Middleton got a 77 percent rating, and Phillip managed to obtain a 65 percent rating.

Charles and Camilla, on the other hand, only brought home 47 and 33 percent approval ratings. While these numbers are a clear indication that the general public doesn’t like Charles and Camilla, they do not determine who will take over once Elizabeth dies.

Will Charles Take The Throne Or Abdicate For Prince William?

Newsweek reports that Charles is slowly taking over responsibilities normally reserved for Queen Elizabeth. Last month, Charles oversaw the ceremony honoring Brits who had died in the service of their country. The ceremony was a clear indication that Queen Elizabeth is handing over more of her royal duties to her son.

Charles, of course, has now waited longer than anyone in the history of the monarch to ascend the throne. If Charles is crowned after Elizabeth dies, he will be the oldest monarch ever crowned in the UK. There’s no telling if Charles will step aside and let William take the crown after Elizabeth passes, but odds are that he will not abdicate.

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Harry And William Refuse To Call Camilla Queen

If Charles becomes King, the next question is whether or not Camilla will take on the title as Queen. According to Daily Mail, William and Harry refused to call Camilla Queen and want her to be named Princess Consort instead. The brothers have a rough history with Camilla that stems back to her affair with their father, which ended his marriage to Princess Diana.

Although they have been friendly will Camilla in the past, their relationship has cooled in recent years. If Camilla wants to be called Queen, then she will certainly need the blessings of Charles’ sons, who might not be willing to grant her the title just yet.

Prince Charles has not commented on the rumors surrounding his possible abdication for Prince William.