French Prisoners Use Table Leg To Escape Jail

You’ve heard of prison escapes. You’ve seen some inventive ones in movies like Iron Man 2 and Law Abiding Citizen, but here is a real life prison break you’ve probably never thought of … unless you’re one of three French prisoners.

Three prisoners used a table leg to punch a hole in the roof of their cell in a 14th century penitentiary and escape on New Year’s Day, a regional prosecutor said on Wednesday. The three climbed through the hole onto the roof of the prison and from there entered an adjoining courthouse where they found freedom through a side door.

Prosecutor Bernard Lebeau claims the escape highlighted the overcrowding and the advanced state of disrepair of an building originally built in 1316, says Yahoo News.

LeBeau told Colmar journalists:

“It appears that the ceilings in the cells are made of a crumbly material that was attacked with a makeshift tool made of objects from the cell itself, notably a table leg.”

They were keeping criminals there and three of them figured out how to escape. What did they think was going to happen? Nobody is usually in prison by choice.

The 19 to 24-year-old prisoners had been jailed on charges of assault and vandalism. Two had been detained awaiting trial while the third was serving two years, reports the Telegraph. Poor conditions at the Colmar prison, particularly the crumbling ceiling, were flagged last week in an independent report by a lawyer, who said he would sue to make local authorities repair the facility.

We can only hope repairs can be made before France faces a possibly record prison breakout.