‘Days Of Our Lives’ Stars Share Horrifying Video And Photos Of Residents Fleeing California Wildfires

Noah BergerAP Images

The Southern California wildfires continue to be a threat and residents are still trying to flee the area. Days Of Our Lives stars Deidre Hall and Greg Vaughan shared a video and photos of drivers trying to beat the flames. Others are also giving fans updates on the situation.

A video shared by the actress on her official Facebook page shows driver speeding on a highway. Surrounding the roads are flames shooting up, threatening to consume the path that residents are using to get to safety. Besides the vehicles, the only thing that can be seen is a sky stained red and black, the flames completely surrounding the landscape.

Deidre Hall stated that the video was taken at 4 a.m. and is of the I-405. The Days Of Our Lives veteran added that she tried to access the interstate at 6 a.m., but it was closed by then. She is not only concerned for those who are in the Hills area, but is worried about animals as well. She asked that anyone in that area to leave out buckets of water for animals that were trying to escape the blaze.

She is not the only Days Of Our Lives star to post updates regarding the Southern California wildfires. Greg Vaughan, who plays Eric Brady, also shared an update. He wanted everyone to know that he and his family were safe. The photo he shared on Twitter was also of cars and trucks trying to get to safety. The image was shared on social media yesterday, but the fire continues to destroy everything in its path.

According to NBC Los Angeles, California’s top fire chief gave a warning to residents. He explained that another fire could break out and to make matters even worse, there could be winds of up to 80 miles per hour. There could be additional evacuations and he advised everyone to stay on high alert.

With every possible resource being tapped to try to contain the flames, the state has marshaled firefighting resources from nine other states. Additionally, every firefighting plane in the United States has been deployed to battle the brutal blazes. The latest report states that there are five wildfires burning throughout Southern California, but there could be more.

The Southern California wildfires continue to be a threat. The dry, but powerful winds and low humidity only make the situation even more dangerous.