Melania Trump’s Generosity At Whataburger Lunch Overshadows Mission In Viral Comments

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Would you expect to see Melania Trump and Karen Pence ordering lunch at Whataburger? The people of Corpus Christi certainly didn’t. So when the first and second ladies of the nation showed up for lunch at the Whataburger flagship location it gave customers of the fast-food chain quite the surprise. The headlines soon had this event taking on a life of its own.

Melania and Karen traveled together on Wednesday to Texas to visit the area that was ravished by floods earlier this year from Hurricane Harvey. This was a trip that didn’t seem to get too much hype in the headlines, that is until it was time to eat lunch. It seems that when Melania and Karen were on their way out of town and decided to make a Whataburger stop for lunch with their entourage, the tweets started to get noticed and the masses took note of their location.

While Melania and Karen were in Texas to meet with the first responders and view the recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey, it was the tweets about their impromptu luncheon that caught the nation’s attention. Apparently, the first and second ladies of this nation had a hankering for Whataburger because they had their entourage take a “detour” to the fast-food restaurant for lunch, according to Fox News.

The highlights of the trip were noted in the media today — Melania and Karen foot the bill for their traveling press corp when they stopped at Whataburger for lunch. This was also the talking point of their trip on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, who did a quick segment on their lunch event.

Melania and Karen were originally in Texas on Wednesday to see how far along the recovery efforts have come since Melania’s last trip there, a few days after the hurricane. At that time it was her stiletto heels that seemed to overshadow the true meaning of the trip. According to Click 2 Houston, Melania Trump and Karen Pence “posed for photos with emergency staff and military personnel who responded after Harvey barreled ashore in South Texas on Aug. 25.”

So what did they see for progress while touring the flood-ravaged area of Texas? Apparently Whataburger, as Fox News and Click 2 Houston didn’t mention much else in their articles as far as the sights the first and second ladies of the nation took in while in Texas. The Click 2 Houston article elaborated a bit more than the Fox News article on the trip.

Click 2 Houston reports the trip “included a stop in nearby Rockport, where Harvey decimated hundreds of homes and businesses. The group also visited an elementary school in Aransas Pass.” As far as any progress in the rebuilding or any lack of progress in the recuperation efforts since the hurricane hit, that news wasn’t included.

Some articles concentrated on Whataburger’s origin and menu. The ABC News article detailed who did the ordering and who took notice of Melania and Karen “making a pit stop” at Whataburger. The Corpus Christi Police Department tweeted, “@Flotus knows a good burger @Whataburger.” Even the headquarters of Whataburger tweeted on the event, “Hope it was a great meal! Thanks for stopping by.”

Instead of Melania and Karen getting kudos for caring about the people of the flood-torn area of Texas, people seemed to be more impressed with them buying lunch for the media. Especially since the press members don’t always convey the Trump family as favorable. The ladies got a stellar review for the most part, but it was mostly for picking up the lunch tab of the reporters. Some of the comments posted by readers on the Fox News article are seen below, where Melania and Karen are deemed as “most admirable” for treating the press members to lunch.

“Two very down to earth ladies and a radical departure from the last eight years. Whataburger is a great place!”

“True spirit of kindness from two most admirable Ladies! Especially so, considering how many in the media bleat such snide and nasty things about the First Lady.”

“Nice to have these two ladies working together. Such a difference from the Obama era. Two classy and beautiful ladies.”

“You would never have seen Michelle Obama in a fast food restaurant nice to have a Whitehouse that cares about the little people.”

While there were plenty of bashing comments from those who are critics of the Trump administration, it was tough to find praise offered up for the real reason behind the trip. Melania Trump and Karen Pence were there out of concerns for the people of Texas who were victims of the hurricane flooding, not to make sure the members of the press got a belly full of burgers.