Michael Schumacher Health Update: Is Formula 1 Legend Transferred To US? Racer Is ‘Weak’ But ‘Still Fighting’

Andrew HoneGetty Images

Avid followers of Michael Schumacher are wondering if he is still alive, four years since his life-threatening skiing accident in French Alps. The family of the Formula 1 legend has vowed to keep details about his current health state as private as possible since they believe that this is what Michael would ask them to do if he was conscious. Reports suggest that the German racing driver could be transferred to the United States for fresh hope.

Mirror reported that Michael Schumacher is still weak after suffering serious head injuries in 2013. Previous reports have it that the Formula 1 legend has been receiving medications and therapies in his home near Lake Geneva, which is located on the north side of the French Alps, since he got out of the Grenoble hospital in 2014. However, Bravo claimed in September that the family of the 48-year-old racer is considering transferring him to his cattle ranch in Dallas, Texas.

The publication quoted a certain Dr. Mark Meeks who claimed that his team could offer a brand new kind of treatment for the German racer. The brain specialist also said that their experience in handling trauma patients could help in Michael Schumacher’s journey to full recovery. Reports suggest that Dr. Meeks is based in a hospital near the Formula 1’s property in the U.S.

“We have extensive experience with trauma patients. There is probably no clinic in Europe that handles as many cases as we do.”

However, it was later learned that Michael Schumacher would not be traveling to America. In fact, the Formula 1 legend is staying in his Swiss mansion to continue his treatments and therapies. Therefore, avid fans of the seven-time Formula One champion should quit believing on these bogus claims.

Meanwhile, Independent shares that FIA President Jean Todt has an update about the latest medical condition of Michael Schumacher. Speaking at the FIA Hall of Fame awards ceremony on Monday, the former Ferrari team principal said that the Formula 1 legend is still fighting for his life. Jean even said that he misses Michael and he is special to him.

“He’s there, still fighting. A fight is going on. Michael is someone very special, someone special for motorsport.”

He added that Michael Schumacher should be at the said event. Jean Todt also stated that the Formula 1 legend’s love for the sport is one of the main reasons behind his success. For starters, Jean and Michael have worked together throughout the racer’s five world title wins with Ferrari.

“He always had the utmost respect for everyone in this round, he would be very honoured. What made Michael so special, what made him so successful, that was the love of the sport. And that connects him with everyone here.”

Sabine Kehm attended this year’s FIA Hall of Fame awards as Michael’s representative. However, she did not give an update on the Formula 1 legend’s health state. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about Michael Schumacher!