WWE: The Usos And Rusev Continue To Form A Comical Alliance [Photo]

Jimmy & Jey Uso and Rusev continues to form quite a comical alliance. Interestingly, The Usos will be facing Rusev & Aiden English, along with The New Day and Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable at the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-view scheduled for Sunday, December 17. However, over the past few months, there has been a peculiar faction brewing between the three. While 2017 has been arguably the best year for the Usos, changing their look and attitude, along with having one of the best feuds of the year with The New Day, Rusev has been trying to regain momentum following an injury that put him on the shelf for four months to recover.

Rusev returned at the Independence Day edition of SmackDown Live, confronting John Cena, who also was making a return. This confrontation led to a Flag Match at Battleground, in which Rusev would be defeated. Rusev moved on to feud with Randy Orton and would be defeated in a total of 10 seconds at. However, Rusev would experience a mild boost in his status after aligning with former NXT Tag Team Champion Aiden English. English, who was trying to get over his opera-singing gimmick, did not resonate with the crowd until he started singing songs to honor the "Rusev Day." The two have formed a solid team since, recently defeating The New Day to become the fourth team of the title match at Clash of Champions.

Although Rusev will be competing against The Usos at the pay-per-view, Lana was not ashamed to publicly post a picture of her husband and Jimmy & Jey continuing to embrace their inner bonding.


This is not the first time the trio was shown together, as WWE recently posted a video of Rusev channeling his Uso by wearing street clothes during a six-man tag match during a WWE live event.


The trio of The Usos and Rusev will most likely not align on SmackDown Live anytime soon, but it has been hilarious to see the different social media posts to show their alliance. This grouping, along with the jovial nature that comes with the "Rusev Day" song, has drawn speculation that Rusev could be turning face soon. Especially, since he has received very noticeable cheers as of late.