'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 121 Spoilers: U3 Unleashes 'Voltes IV,' Declares All-Out War Against U7

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is all about survival. The eight participating universes engaged in a battle royal to avoid erasure and win the Super Dragon Balls. Since the tournament started, Universe 7 has been the most targeted universe because of having the mortal, Son Goku, whom most gods believe is disrespectful and too friendly with Omni-King Zeno.

However, despite being the most hated, Universe 7 still managed to survive and eliminate several warriors, resulting in the erasure of four universes. After Universe 6 and Universe 2, Son Goku and his comrades will be dealing with the mystery fighters of Universe 4 in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. With most of them exhausted from their previous battles, the enemies will successfully eliminate one fighter from Universe 7.

The latest Dragon Ball Super spoilers revealed that Universe 3 will start taking action and also target Universe 7. Universe 3, led by God of Destruction Mosco, Kaioshin Eyre, and Angel Campari, is mostly consisting of characters in robotic suits. One of their fighters, Katopesla, is currently dealing with Vegeta, who failed in his attempt to achieve Ultra Instinct.

According to the leaked title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 121, Universe 3 will have a four-body fusion and unleash their own super warrior. As shown in the previous episodes, the robotic suits of Universe 3 fighters enabled them to increase their power and speed. The unique fusion is expected to be powerful enough to catch the attention of powerful fighters in the Tournament of Power.

So far, Dragon Ball Super fans only witnessed few fusions in the Tournament of Power, including the Potara fusion of Caulifla and Kale. It was revealed in the previous episode that the Universe 6 Namekians also fused with multiple warriors from their planet, proven by their incredible power and regeneration. Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 will feature another type of fusion, and after the ritual, Universe 3 will be declaring an all-out war against Universe 7.

However, according to Otakukart, the leaked titles will only be legit once the scans are out. There are some instances that spoilers are fake, leading to confusion for some fans. Still, it's exciting to see how Universe 3 will give Universe 7 a tough fight in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.