February 14, 2018
Photos: Melania Trump Visits Whataburger In $995 Big Puffy Green Coat -- Twitter Wonders What She Ate [Video]

Much has been made about the diet of First Lady Melania Trump, as reported by the Inquisitr, but Melania's diet usually includes talk of eating things like oatmeal, not Whataburger. Those who live in areas that don't have the burger joint might not be familiar with the chain, but the tweet below from Stephanie Grisham, the White House director of communications for Melania, shows a photo of Melania standing at the counter at a Whataburger in Texas with second lady Karen Pence. According to the Daily Mail, Melania wore a $995 olive green puffer coat by Rag & Bone.

With Melania visiting Whataburger, Austin 360 reports that the trip had a humanizing effect upon the first lady's image, since the burger place is viewed as down-to-earth and by no means fancy. Melania went back to Texas on Wednesday, December 6, in order to pay a visit to those who worked diligently during and after the period of time that Hurricane Harvey hit the region more than three months ago, on August 25. Melania flew with Karen to Corpus Christi and took photos with first responders, as well as other military and emergency personnel.

Grisham noted that the Whataburger run was made on their way out of town, writing that the first Whataburger opened in Corpus Christi in 1950. Other photos of Melania were captured by Twitter users as well, as seen below, with Melania wrapping her coat close around her body as she wore the hood atop her head. Coupled with the coat, Melania donned a pair of olive jeans and long black boots.

According to the video above, fries from Whataburger were part of the order, at least for the press pool van reporters, even though the rest of what was ordered wasn't immediately known. Although the establishment is named Whataburger, according to their menu, burgers aren't the only items they sell. Whataburger offers chicken sandwiches as well as salads; therefore, it's possible that Melania was able to still enjoy a pretty healthy lunch.

Melania was headed back to the airport with Pence when the unscheduled stop to Whataburger was made, likely quite a surprise for the staffers who thought their workday at Whataburger would be a normal event.