Peter Kraus Admits To Suffering From An Eating Disorder, 'Bachelor' Nation Shows Support

Season 13 Bachelorette runner-up Peter Kraus just had a heart-to-heart with his 500,000 Instagram followers. The model and fitness guru announced he had suffered from an eating disorder during his modeling career. The 32-year-old admitted to hitting rock bottom before turning his life around.

Peter shared a shirtless photo, as well as a portrait highlighting his much-loved gap-tooth, which coincided with the heartfelt post. He started his caption by explaining how he got into modeling 11 years ago. According to the reality star, he lived in five different cities across three countries within six years.

The former model went on to explain those years were some of the best of his life as he met lifelong friends, and has unforgettable memories from his time in the business. After discussing the highs of his modeling career, he expressed he was most thankful for his introduction to fitness. This was when he disclosed he suffered from an eating disorder at age 20.

He attributed his eating disorder to his want to keep up with other models who were in great shape. Peter explained he was always competing with other models, but confessed he never knew how.

"For two years I struggled in silence."
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In 2007, he remembered hitting rock bottom. Although he doesn't detail the specifics of his rock bottom, or what the exact moment was, he goes on to explain he decided to turn his life around. Peter began to learn the proper way to exercise, the right things to eat and entered a dietetics program at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Peter graduated from MATC with honors and competed in an Ironman Triathlon just two years later.

Peter ended his post encouraging others to get up and keep moving forward, and to "embrace the s***." The post was in dedication of #WorkoutWednesday, and already has over 45,000 likes.

In addition to hundreds of fans comments and likes, fellow Bachelor stars showed their support of the post. Alex Bordyukov, James Taylor, and Taylor Nolan all liked the photo. Alex joked and urged his fellow Season 13 pal to come out of retirement in the modeling world, while James applauded his fellow reality star for being so vocal.

Peter's whole story can be found on Instagram here.

Peter may or may not be appearing on the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games, as his appearance has been confirmed and unconfirmed by People. The show is set to premiere in February 2018.