Duggar Family News: Kids Slammed For Bad Hygiene, Johanna Replaces Jana Duggar As Baking Leader

Duggar family loves to bake this time of the year. They like to do it as a family activity, getting all the little kids involved in the festivities. However, the latest picture that Counting On stars posted had fans questioning whether the kids were practicing proper hygiene before getting to work in the kitchen. Without Jana Duggar to supervise them, it looks like the kids did not go through all the steps to make sure that their food is not contaminated.

Considering how all the kids are homeschooled, every December, the kids get together to bake for their friends and family.

"This time of year our family is in the kitchen baking like mad and doing all kinds of fun things," Michelle Duggar wrote on TLC blog. "We enjoy taking treats, like cookies and homemade bread and honey butter, to those who serve in the community -- the fire department, the police department as well as some other people that we know that need some encouragement because they've had a rough year."

Knowing that the baked goods go off to people in their community, the Counting On fans voiced their concerns about whether the little bakers took the precautions to make clean food.

"It would be nice to teach the importance of hygiene in the kitchen by putting long hair back in a ponytail (unless of course, this is a staged photo)," one fan commented. "I say this [out of] love. It's always about teaching."

"I agree with Pam and makes you wonder, did they wash hands before they started?" another fan wrote. "Doubt it, just saying."

"I always tie my hair back before cooking in my home and am teaching my daughter this as well," another chimed in.


Surprisingly, Jana Duggar, the oldest and unmarried daughter in the family, was missing from the picture. She is often seen during holiday time baking for her many family members, putting up decorations and making sure that the parties go as planned.


Check out Jana making hundreds of cookies for last year's Christmas party.


Instead, Johannah Duggar, who just turned 12-years-old, was present with her younger siblings, making sure that they stay safe and clean up after themselves. This past fall, Counting On fans remarked just how she has grown into a "mature" and "beautiful young lady."


The Duggars are currently waiting to see if their TLC show, Counting On, will be renewed for another season.