Arizona Teens Rescued From Frozen Lake After Ice Cracks [Video]

Show Low, AZ – Authorities say two teenagers were rescued Wednesday after being stranded for over two hours on thin ice on a lake in eastern Arizona.

According to KVOA News, three teens were out walking on the frozen Fool Hollow Lake in Show Low, Arizona when the ice below them began to crack.

Reports say that two of the teens climbed a tree protruding from the lake, while the third managed to make it to back to the lake shore and call for help.

Officials in the town of Show Low were alerted of the incident around 4:55 pm, when temperatures began to dip to 22 degrees, when the teens became stranded. A total of 25 fire and other emergency personnel from several agencies responded.

Show Low Fire District Captain Brent Mix said that rangers at Fool Hollow Lake Park initially tried to reach the teens but were unsuccessful.

The boys were saved after a firefighter crawled across the lake with a rope that was used to pull a boat carrying two other firefighters.

The two teens were reportedly trapped in the dead tree over the frozen ice for two hours before they were rescued.

“Their hands and feet got pretty cold,” Captain Mix said. “It was dark by the time we got them to shore.”

The rescued juveniles were then transported to a local hospital for precautionary measures and mild hypothermia, authorities said.

“Every once in a while we have kids trying to see how far out they can go,” Mix said. “That was pretty foolish. There was probably an inch of ice in the middle of the lake.”

Video footage of firefighters rescuing the two Arizona teens from Fool Hollow Lake can be seen below: