Jenelle Evans Hiding Trip To Disney World With Family From 'Teen Mom 2' Fans?

Jenelle Evans has taken a step back when it comes to her Teen Mom 2 fans. After threatening to leave the show behind, Jenelle hasn't been as open and honest with her fans when it comes to her life. For a month, Evans decided to delete her Twitter account, and she only shared a few things on Instagram. Fans have wondered what she's been doing, and it sounds like she's been traveling, but she hasn't opened up about this family trip on her own social media accounts. In fact, if it were not for David's Instagram account, fans would have no idea that they were on a trip.

According to her husband's Instagram account, it sounds like Jenelle Evans and David Eason went on a trip to Disney World with David's daughter, Maryssa. In one of the photos, Jenelle is wearing her purple jersey that she wears when she's supporting his daughter at her cheerleading events. It's possible that they went to Florida to support her cheerleading and decided to stop by Disney World. None of Jenelle's children were in the photos, so it is possible it was a family trip with just the three of them. Jace could have been with Barbara Evans, and Kaiser could have been with his father, Nathan Griffith.

David has been sharing the photos on Instagram, and the newest one was shared just an hour ago. This could mean that they are currently in Florida, which means they aren't home in North Carolina. It's possible that she isn't sharing the Florida trip with fans because she's trying to be more private. But none of her children are on this trip. Ensley may be with her, but she isn't in any of the pictures, and she's often the focus of attention when she's with the couple. Maybe this trip is all about David and his daughter, Maryssa, and Jenelle is giving them space to have a father-daughter trip together. It sounds like they all had fun on their trip.

Jenelle Evans may share details of the trip once they get home, but for now, fans will have to follow David Eason on Instagram for pictures from the trip.