The Hangover: Teens Allegedly Spike Parents Milkshake With Sleeping Pills So They Could Go Online

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Rocklin, CA – Two teenage girls were so upset about an internet curfew that they allegedly drugged their parents so they could go online after the cutoff.

The parents enforced a 10 pm curfew for getting on the web, which didn’t sit well with the two girls, ages 15 and 16.

The younger girl — along with her friend — offered to get milkshakes for her parents from a local fast-food joint. What the parents didn’t know was that the girls were allegedly loading up the milkshakes with prescription sleeping pills that they reportedly obtained from another friend.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the parents suspected something was amiss:

“They awoke at 1 a.m. with unexplained hangover symptoms, but went back to sleep. In the morning, with the headache and grogginess still present, they went to the Rocklin police station to pick up a drug test kit.”

In general, parents use the drug test materials on their kids, but, in this case, they used it on themselves. They tested positive after which they went went back to the police, who busted the teens and booked them into Placer County (California) Juvenile Hall. The Daily Mail reports that the teens have been charged with “conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food.” This may have even have been the second time the 15-year-old slipped a mickey into her parents drink according to the Daily Mail.

It will up to local prosecutors as to whether the duo will be tried as juveniles or adults. If the latter, they could land in jail if found guilty.

“The girls wanted to use the Internet, and they’d go to whatever means they had to,” Police Lt. Lon Milka said.

What kind of punishment do you think the teens should face for drugging the parents over Internet access?

Watch a local news report about the spiked milkshakes: