Amber Portwood Used By Matt Baier? 'Teen Mom OG' Star Reveals $120,000 Missing

Amber Portwood decided that she was done with Matt Baier on Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG. She was furious that he had left and when he came back, he didn't want to talk to her about his time away. She felt that he may have done drugs while he was away as he had previously admitted to relapsing while he was dating her. Amber was clearly not interested in dating someone who had relapsed, as she was trying to stay clean herself for the sake of her life and her daughter Leah. During the episode, Portwood told her brother that money had gone missing from her bank account over the period that they had dated. In fact, she revealed that over $120,000 had gone missing.

Many people have made the accusation that Matt has used Amber. The stories about him using her surfaced early on, as both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans claimed that he had tried to hit on them prior to him hitting on Amber. She decided to meet him and they bonded. Years later, they had flipped a few homes and they were building a life together. According to a new PEOPLE report, Amber Portwood revealed that Matt may have been stealing money from her.

"He told me that we could separate our bank accounts if it makes me feel good. Within the last three years we've been together, tallying everything up, it's been $120,000 that I have no clue where it's went. We're not engaged and I feel like he's a pathological liar," Amber told her brother during Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG, adding, "And I just realized he's sending his daughter money that's not even his money!"

It's very interesting that Amber noticed that money was going missing. For months, fans had tried to warn her about Matt, but she chose to believe that he was treating her well and things were going well. However, it sounds like Amber needed time for herself to put the pieces together. Fans were worried that Matt was using her for fame and money, especially since he revealed that he had struggled with drugs, had relapsed and has gained fame from dating Amber. Not only has he published a book about his life, but he has also filmed two reality shows.

Amber Portwood will be back for another episode of Teen Mom OG next Monday on MTV. As for Matt Baier, he may not be on the show anymore, as she may soon film Marriage Bootcamp where she will meet Andrew Glennon, the man who is currently her boyfriend and father to her unborn child.