Jax Taylor Speaks Out On Faith's Troubled Past: Is She Faking Cheating Rumor For Spot On 'Vanderpump Rules'?

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have both talked about the first episode of Vanderpump Rules new season, and they both dreaded watching it. During the episode, Jax was being accused of cheating on Brittany by his co-worker, Faith. Faith had been on the show before in a few scenes, and it was clear that she was trying to stir things up. If she had indeed cheated with Jax and was pregnant with his child as she alleged, one can imagine she wouldn't be dishing the news to his friends. While Taylor denied it, many of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars believed the rumors because of his troubled past.

But it sounds like Taylor isn't going to let Faith tell the whole story. On Twitter, Jax didn't say much about the stories or the rumors, but he is dishing dirty details about Faith and her past. According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that she's wanted by the cops. He doesn't provide much proof that this is true, but he does share some details about her that aren't known to the Vanderpump Rules viewers. But it is interesting that the fan believes that Faith may be causing so much drama to get a spot on the show.

"Is Faith wanting to be an actress [because] she can't lie! Lol sorry, but what chick waits for a camera to tell someone she had sex with a guy and broadcasts she could be pregnant. She wanted to be a cast member," one fan of Vanderpump Rules wrote to Jax as the episode aired on Monday night, to which Taylor replied, "She's wanted by the police for grand theft auto and "awol" from military, bad idea to be on a reality show dude. Someone's going to jail."

Of course, many people may want a spot on Vanderpump Rules because a role on the show comes with fame and a big paycheck. Over the years, new members have been added to the show, including James Kennedy and Lala Kent. Perhaps Faith thought that a good storyline could get her a spot on the show. Jax would be an easy target because he has been known for cheating on his previous girlfriends. Even though he says Brittany is the one for him, many people question whether he can truly stay faithful to her. But it sounds like Taylor doesn't want Faith, as she's supposedly wanted by police for grand theft auto and has a possible jail sentence ahead of her.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are still together despite the cheating and pregnancy rumors. It will be interesting to see how this story plays out this season of Vanderpump Rules.