Corey Feldman Wasn't Lying: 1993 Audio Files Discovered Of Actor Naming Sexual Predators In Hollywood

Back in October, former child actor Corey Feldman went public claiming he had given the names of several sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office in 1993. The Sheriff's Office denied Feldman's claims, saying no such records existed. Now, audio files revealing the actor's allegations have been found.

According to public information officer for the SBCSO, Kelly Hoover, an additional review of Feldman's claims was conducted, and evidence was found in a plastic container. The interview with Feldman was originally conducted over the Michael Jackson sexual abuse investigation back in 1993. While Feldman was being interviewed over those allegations, he named others in Hollywood allegedly guilty of the same or similar crimes. Feldman is still adamant that Jackson was innocent all those years ago.

When speaking with Fox News, Hoover admitted they had found the records Feldman had been referring too, and she could not give any more information regarding the newly found evidence as the case involved sexual abuse of a child. The records have been turned over the Los Angeles Police Department, who will conduct their own investigation.

Fox News had reached out to the SBCSO after Feldman made his claims to Matt Lauer on the Today Show, and the Sheriff's Office claimed their records did not reflect the actor's story. Lauer had asked Feldman why he never released anything, in which the actor promised he had and nothing ever came of it.

Feldman has stuck to his guns, promising he named sexual predators in Hollywood long before the recent fallout in Tinseltown. The Goonies star is also seeking $10 million to fund a movie project which promises to expose several big names in the entertainment industry guilty of sexual abuse.

The 46-year-old claimed he has six names to expose, and no one is going to stop him. He's seeking the large fund for lawyers which he will need after exposing the Hollywood bigwigs. Feldman also admitted to needing the money for security for himself and his family after he reveals the names.

Fox News has reached out to Feldman, as well as the LAPD, but did not receive a response. Whether those records will be exposed to the public remains to be seen.