Myka ION HD Player Provides Hulu And Boxee Access In A Nice Package

The Myka ION HD player as the name would suggest provides NVIDIA ION graphics with Hulu and Boxee support all from one centralized location. The device also provides PC application support for XBMC and other options and provides the ability to “browse to any web site and play video content directly onto your TV.”

The base model starts at $379 with basic WiFi access, while Wireless-N and Blu-ray add-ons can quickly run the system price up to $644.

The systems regardless of model include a 1.6GHz dual-core Atom 330 CPU processor, while up to 4GB RAM and ten USB 2.0 ports are available. Video out options are also abundant in the form of VGA / DVI and HDMI with an eSATA connector, Ethernet and a bunch of useful audio outputs. [SlipperyBrick]