Meghan Markle Hated Her 'Thick, Coarse' Hair, But Now She Touches Her Hair Often From Anxiety, Nervousness

Meghan Markle is now a beauty icon, with women flocking to plastic surgeons and cosmetic places to get injections in order to emulate Markle's look, according to Us Weekly. The publication notes that women are asking for changes that would make their faces look more like the Suits star by enjoying Botox and fillers that would plump up sallow spots and smooth out wrinkles. Women are also praising Meghan's hair, with plenty of photos showing Markle touching her own hair filling up Getty Images and Associated Press photo galleries.

In spite of Markle getting praise for her pretty hair, it is an enviable mane that Meghan didn't always like, at least according to Meghan's sister. As reported by the Daily Mail, Samantha Markle calls her half-sister "Princess Pushy" and notes that Meghan didn't always appreciate her own lovely locks of hair. Samantha said that Meghan found her hair to be thicker and coarser than the hair that other girls enjoyed, and Meghan wanted her hair to be more like others.

"It was thicker, more coarse than she liked. She used to tell me it bothered her. She wanted hair like the other girls. She struggled a lot with that. But Meghan never had to look like the other girls — she was always so pretty."

Meghan also struggled not only with her hair but also with a battered car that she had to enter and exit via the trunk, as well as with her image, once she arrived in Hollywood. According to the Evening Standard, Meghan was either told she was too fat or too thin, not pretty enough or too ethnic -- or the reverse -- when she tried to find success in Tinsel Town. Now, the 36-year-old has appeared to come into her own as the future wife of Prince Harry, except for her telltale manner of continually touching her hair, a sign that body language experts say points to Meghan's nervousness or anxiety.

As reported by Good Housekeeping, Meghan is one of the many people who practices a repetitive behavior in order to calm themselves. Whereas some folks touch or twirl their hair, others might rub an arm in order to reduce feelings of stress in uncomfortable situations. It is behavior that is akin to a child that likes to grip his or her favorite stuffed animal in order to help calm down their moods. Meghan likely has plenty on her mind. Not only the upcoming wedding but also learning protocols of royal living that most people likely never have to learn.