Brianna Adekeye Insists No Heartbreak Over Nico Scholly, Sat Next To Him At ‘Below Deck’ Reunion


Brianna Adekeye insists that she’s not heartbroken that Nico Scholly ended things with her in order to make things right with his girlfriend, Melissa, back home in Chicago. As the Below Deck season 5 finale episode aired on Tuesday night, Brianna sent several tweets reassuring people that she was not hurt by Nico and downplaying what they had during their time together on Valor. There really seems to be no hard feelings between the two, since a seating chart of the upcoming season 5 reunion show, which will air next Tuesday, shows that Brianna and Nico sat not opposite but next to one another on the same couch.

On Tuesday night, in response to one viewer who expressed hope that Nico didn’t break her heart, Brianna told the viewer to not worry about her and that there’s no broken heart.


Last Tuesday, in response to one viewer who criticized Nico for running out on Brianna after the two supposedly had sex, Brianna insisted that Nico only got emotional support and a cuddle buddy.


To another viewer who declared that Brianna deserves more than to be played by Nico and that Nico needs to stop his behavior, Brianna told the viewer not to worry because her feelings were not invested in Nico.


As the finale episode aired on Tuesday, Brianna even sent out a GIF of her happily dancing and declared that she will be just fine.


Did Brianna really not romantically care about Nico all that much? While Brianna’s tweets received some positive responses, there were also viewers who told Brianna to stop pretending that she was fine with what Nico did, pointing out that their scenes together definitely showed her being really interested in him. Throughout the season, Brianna’s social media pages have also received a barrage of comments criticizing her for being “the other woman.”

On Below Deck season 5, Nico Scholly and Brianna Adekeye became involved with one another, despite Nico having a girlfriend, Melissa, back home in Chicago and Brianna knowing about the girlfriend. Nico, after getting involved with Brianna, broke up with Melissa over text. The later episodes showed Nico and Brianna clearly getting intimate under the sheets and not hiding it from the other crew members.

On the season 5 finale episode that aired on Tuesday night, Nico realized that he had to make things right with Melissa. He made the decision to tell Brianna that he was going to head back home to Chicago and Melissa.

During the crew’s last dinner together out in town, Nico pulled Brianna aside and told her that he needs to head home to take care of his family, in reference to the recent passing of his little brother. Nico made no mention of his ex to Brianna. Brianna seemed understanding but disappointed.

As it happened, Nico did end up going back to Melissa. Not only that, their relationship apparently got stronger. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, around the time that season 5 premiered in September, Nico did an interview with Bravo in which he said that he and his girlfriend moved in together. Brianna, meanwhile, said during an appearance on co-star Kate Chastain’s podcast that she was only with Nico to pass the time and that she wouldn’t go for him “in land life.” Brianna also said that Nico never really talked about his girlfriend during their private times together.


Is Nico Scholly still with his girlfriend now? Viewers may find out when the Below Deck season 5 reunion show airs next week. One thing’s for sure. It really does seem that all is fine between Brianna Adekeye and Nico, for they filmed the reunion show sitting next to one another. A seating chart of the reunion show released by Bravo on Tuesday shows that Brianna and Nico sat next to one another, between Kate Chastain and Matt Burns.