Meghan Markle Didn't Call Cardi B. A 'THOT': Crazy Rumor Brings Hate To Instagram, Twitter Comments Section

Did you hear that Cardi B was going to remix her runaway hit "Bodak Yellow" to include the remixed lyric, "Look, I don't dance now, I make Markle moves. Say I don't gotta dance, I make Meghan move"? Nope. That's not true. But that's how easy it is to get a rumor started these days. A little creativity based on a real news story goes a long way to start a social media frenzy. As reported by EW, Cardi B said she would perform at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding. Perhaps that was the impetus for the social media rumor that has spread soon thereafter, claiming that Meghan called Cardi a "thot," which defines as a promiscuous woman and is an acronym for "that ho over there."

As a result, Cardi was asked on Twitter why she allowed Markle to call her a "thot" without responding. That's most likely because Markle didn't call Cardi B a "thot," since no official footage or social media screenshots exist that can be readily found of Markle saying such terms. Nevertheless, in the comments section of Meghan's official Instagram account -- which was last updated on April 7 -- folks are writing all sorts of things about the alleged "thot" comment.

As seen in the comments section of Markle's most recent Instagram post, people are begging Meghan to keep updating her social media accounts -- with some surmising that Markle may not be allowed to publish updates in the same way that she did before. But there are also random comments calling Meghan a "thot," likely because they believe the rumor that she called Cardi B a "thot," which seems very unlikely and unbecoming of Prince Harry's future wife.

Some sample comments from Meghan's Instagram account are published below, with the "thot" theme present throughout some of the comments and questions Markle is receiving as of late -- although it's not clear how the "thot" rumor started. Others are accusing Meghan of being one of Cardi's "haters," without much proof in backing up why they might feel that way. However, with Cardi offering her rapping skills at the upcoming royal wedding, it's easy to see how such a rumor may have begun.

"@meghanmarkle did you call Cardi B a thot???"

"You are Cardi B hater."